Can a Migraineur Take Control of Their Pain!!!

Migraineurs spend a great deal of time fighting migraines.

Some find the right combination of medicines to cut the attacks down to occasional ones. Others fight this pain daily. About 90 to 95% of migraine sufferers can, and do find help. We think it's very important to find a good headache specialist to start with so the migraines won't get out of control. Under the wrong treatments migraine sufferers can face a road filled with pain.

Migraines are very easy to get out of control. How many of you guys have ever went to the doctor the first time you had a migraine? Most migraine sufferers have had headaches to start with. I know my wife did. At some point the threshold has been exceeded, and a migraine attack is had. You may know by now that even doctors know all of the scientific facts about migraines, but most will start with the tested, and proven medicine, and hope it works. (Not knocking doctors, just stating facts)

Migraineurs should read books about headaches.

  • Look for a cause/trigger, and not a quick fix with pain medicine. If there's a trigger, whether it's a food , beverage, stress, light, sound, auguring with a spouse, or someone else, and the list is long, and you fail to correct it, the pain medicine will add insult to injury.

We've heard about the darnest things triggering headache and migraines ranging from peppers, caffeine , cologne, aged cheese, arguing with a boyfriend, deficient on Magnesium , Alcohol, and much more. Now bear in mind these migraine sufferers didn't find out overnight what was causing or triggering their pain. For some it took a bit of thinking, to tests at a doctors office to determine the cause.

Another example is a school teacher who's a friend, found out her head started hurting when:

  • She missed a meal
  • If she ate anything with Splenda (artificial sweetener) in it, such as baking with it.

Another friend said that MSG, found in many foods caused his migraines. He knew what did it, but said he still forgot and consumed something with MSG in it. A migraineur has to be on their toes all the time. The roads that migraine sufferers take on their quest for migraine relief may take off in many directions. Some may find relief by taking an over the counter pain medicine. But 85% of people that suffer with rebound headaches started by taking to much pain medicine to often.

The reason is, migraineurs tend to overuse pain medicine instead of trying a migraine preventive first. By the time many get around to taking a preventive they need what is called the quick fix. In other words, fix it today, and get set up for a rebound headache tomorrow.

If you're having migraines, and decide to self help the migraine, don't forget:

  • Only take a moderate amount of pain medicine.
  • Keep a container and only put several pills in it a week.

One tends to forget how much pain medicine is taken during migraine attacks, and even to many triptans can start rebound headaches.

Print off a diary, fill in what is eaten, drank, and anything else that you do. Then when a migraine attack occurs go back and try to find a connection. This may take a while until a pattern emerges.

Supplements to take for migraines are:

A migrainerur can also try herbs such as

  • Feverfew reduces inflammation and pain
  • Butterbur has been used for headaches for thousands of years.
  • Vitamins such as Riboflavin
  • Niacin known as B-3 can help
  • A deficiency in magnesium (mineral) can cause headaches.
  • A migraine sufferer should keep Ginger (herb)around for the nausea, and ginger ale drinks should be kept in the fridge also.

The key to many migraineurs headaches is tracing back to the trigger. But if all fails, don't hesitate to find a headache specialist, and let him/her help.

Our last page is about our new book. It's a 60 page plus e-book with good advice on what you, as a migraine sufferer must do for help.

Our next page is on spouses of migraineurs. Have your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend leave us a few lines on how the migraines have affected them. We know about living with the pain of a loved one suffering with this disease. You'll be a big help to every migraine sufferer that stops by. Home page from migraineurs page.

Thanks for reading

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