Top Reasons For Having Migraines Everyday..

Having migraines everyday isn't normal.

For anyone that sufferers with painful everyday migraines, the cause should be looked at by a confident headache specialist. We'll give the top reasons for these headaches.

Migraines are normal believe it or not, but when they hurt everyday there may be a cause for your migraines.

Many headache sufferers not only have migraine headaches everyday, but many have severe headaches everyday, while others only have their migraines to start hurting up in the night. These migraines everyday are caled hypnic headaches. More on these below.

The first thought is pain medicine causing rebounds. This trap is easy to slide into. Local doctors treating headaches will always give prescriptions for pain medicine, and also a readily supply can be had in over the counter pain medicine to take the edge off migraines. In time this can transform headaches into more pain and more frequent attacks until a migraine sufferer will wake up to a headache everyday. That's not the only reason one can have daily migraines but it's one of the top causes. Somewhere around 85% of headache sufferers have daily headaches because to much pain medicine is taken on a daily bases.

There's a reason for migraines that hurt everyday.

Remember that migraines are not a constant, continuous, or daily headache. Migraines are intermittent, moderate, or can be severe headaches in some people. One can also have migraines several days a week plus other types of headaches, and failing to treat them with proper treatments will result in more pain.

Tension headaches everyday that go to migraines several days a week may be experienced by headache sufferers. These are called chronic migraines, and they are treated with migraine preventives.

Many migraine sufferers go into an everyday migraine/headache because of the quick fix. This happens slowly. I know for I saw this at one time happen with my wife. Now this can happen with, or without a doctor. Many primary doctors will prescribed pain medicine for their patients instead of explaining what can, and will happen to them if they don't learn to manage their migraines. Don't mismanage migraines.

Here's what one person said about their headaches from not realizing they were taking to much pain medicine.

I used to get headaches only once a month. I still get a bad migraine with my menstrual period, but I also have a dull headache that's there everyday. The daily headache seems to get better after I take a couple of pain pills, but then it comes back a few hours later. I've tried a few different migraine medicines, and nothing really helps. Now my doctor tells me the pain pills are causing the headaches. How can this be?

What's the most common reason for all migraineurs to have everyday headaches/migraines that never get better?

When migraine sufferers don't take pain pills but sparely, and still have everyday migraines, if they don't go to a headache specialist they should.

Symptoms experienced from rebound headaches.

The headache is daily or almost daily, pain is dull, and on both sides of the head. One could still manage to go about their activities. Light or noise wouldn't bother one such as with migraines, and there's no vomiting from them.

There are several more sub-types of migraines or headache disorders that a migraine sufferer could be plagued with that could produce migraines everyday, even without the over use of pain medicine. Some migrainures think that taking to many pain pills only applies to others, but the fact of the matter is, all can suffer with headaches everyday from pain medicine. And no one can blame them. All need help with the pain.

A type of headache that can cause pain everyday.

Hemicrania continua is a type of headache that can produce a constant pain. Even some headache specialist will fail to mention this as a possibility for continuous pain. Read about the simple diagnostic test to see if this is the problem. It's also rare to have this type of headache. It's a shot in the dark, but for a everyday migraine one has to eliminate, not just rule out. A few people have suffered for years while being treated for migraines, and their doctors failing to recognize the headache.

Also check out our page on occipital neuralgia, another disorder that can make life miserable with much head pain.

Migraines everyday are most likely caused by the over use of pain medicine, but not always. If this is the case, cut back on the pain pills. It will be hard to do but to find migraine relief that's the only to for relief. our next page is on headache help. Our last page is about migraine help. While reading several of these pages, you may find info on how to avoid everyday migraines. Here's a site that may be more informative on migraines. Home page from migraines everyday.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this helped

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