Migraines Children Should Receive Help For..

The migraines children get can be like adults have and also somewhat different.

Their headaches can be due to stress, foods they eat ,or beverages they drink. Migraine headaches in children are common. School stress plays a big role in many headaches in children. Have you ever heard your child, or grandchild comment on something in school that was upsetting? Of course you have. School can be stressful.

Some children's migraines are somewhat different than adults because they may skip the head pain, and be sick and vomit making one think they have the flu.

We have a friend that has a Granddaughter that was taken to the hospital on several occasions with what appeared to be the stomach flu. She was treated for the flu and sent home. After being taken back several times for the same symptoms, and upon further checking it was determined that she was having migraines and not the stomach flu.

Some children have bouts of stomach pain, but don't have the headaches. They can even have photo, and phonophobia without their stomach or head hurting. These could be more aggravating than the headache itself.

If you, or your spouse have migraines, your child will be at risk of having them to. If they show symptoms at an early age, have them examined by a headache specialist that specifically treats children's migraines.

Keep in mind what your child eats, and the beverages they consume.

Young adults that go on diets can suffer from headaches. One such study on teenagers that drank diet sodas had a more significant rate of migraines than those who didn't drink diet pop. From diets a vitamin deficiency and mineral loss can develop and cause headaches.

Some children also have the visual changes, just like adults do. They're having classic migraines.

The migraines children have disrupt their lives more than adults.

Almost two thirds of children with migraines have their lives interrupted, and their daily activities curbed because of their migraine symptoms. Many have emotional changes that take place because of migraines. The proper diagnosis, and treatment of migraines in children can greatly benefit in their lives. Many school days are missed a year because of children's migraines.

What about migraines children have before preschool.

We don't know how old your little one is, but preschool children that are having a migraine attack:

  • Usually look like they don't feel well.
  • Have abdominal pain.
  • Vomiting
  • Want to go to sleep.
  • They may show their pain by irritability, and crying.

You'll have to learn all you can to help your child's migraines if they start at an early age.

As in adults, don't give migraine children to much pain medicine.

If your child has access to pain pills, taking over the counter pain medicine is not good for them. To much could make their stomach hurt, and their head worst. A headache specialist would make this call on what to take for pain. If self treating helps, that's fine if the migraines are mild to moderate. But if the migraines are severe and often, don't try to treat them. Put them in the care of someone that knows how to treat children's migraines.

You'll have to plan a good course of treatment, and try to learn all migraine triggers that could be giving them migraines because the parent knows their children. The parent will have to do the thinking on making the connection on a possibility as why their child's head may hurt. (The trigger so to speak) Print off this diary, and keep it filled in. This may help determine a cause for the migraine such as:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Watch the foods they eat "ask them what they eat in school, or drink" and digging deep for their sake.

If this doesn't help, you may ask their Doctor about putting them on a migraine preventive.

Keep in mind that preventives come with side effects that may be undesirable in your child. One of our family members (17) started having headaches when she was a senior in high school, and she was given an antidepressant for awhile because of the stress of school.

I also know a woman"about 40", that told me her last year in high school was a blur, because she was taking so much medicine for migraines. I've known her for over ten years now,and she never has headaches. Think about that. There is a sunny day.

Our next page is about abdominal migraines, that some children have. And our last page is more info about migraines in children. Treat your child's migraine aggressively, don't let them suffer needlessly. If you can't put your finger on what's triggering their headaches, find a headache clinic that treat's children headaches. Migraines children have hurt, and should be addressed as soon as possible. Home page from migraines children

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this gave U info on children's migraines

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