Migraines and Pregnancy And What You Need to Know..


Migraines and pregnancy have a relationship.

A migraine sufferer will either have more migraines when they're pregnant or less migraine headaches. That's just the way it is. If you're a migraine sufferer to start with, there's no doubt those migraines won't stay the same when you're pregnant.

Some women that have never experienced a migraine have their first migraine during pregnancy. So if you're a migraine sufferer, let the headache doctor know if you get pregnant, because the course of migraine treatment may change.

Most migraineurs have their migraines decrease by half during the start of their pregnancy. And as time goes by about two thirds find that their migraines improve, and some disappear during the last six months. 

Around fifteen percent experience worst migraines with pregnancy.

It's impossible to say which way the migraines will go when a woman gets pregnant  As with taking medicines, where one medicine can be a blessing for one, another doesn't see any relief, therefore no one migraine sufferer will be the same as another while they're pregnant .

Why does pregnancy have such an effect on migraines?

  • As soon as you become pregnant the estrogen levels start to rise, and continue to do so through the first trimester.
  • They actually reach a level of about one hundred times higher than before you were pregnant. This is the reason most women experience sickness.
  • Eventually, later on in pregnancy the estrogen levels off, which is why many women experience a migraine free period. 
  • Then after the baby is born estrogen levels fall drastically. Then migraines may be had if you suffered during the menstrual cycle.

Supplements to relieve morning sickness.

If the morning sickness is severe while pregnant consult a doctor, if not severe the following will help:

  • Ginger relieves symptoms of morning sickness 
  • Peppermint relieves nausea. 
  • Vitamin B-6 relieves nausea.

Herbs to relieve migraines.

Migraine and pregnancy treatment.

Although some women decline prescription migraine treatments during pregnancy, one in three women take analgesics.

There're many migraine treatment options that are safe to use when a woman is  pregnant. You can find these in books. Medication, and non medication migraine treatments, alternative therapies as well as nutritional supplements can be used.

Is Topamax for migraines during pregnancy safe?

Since many doctors have migraine sufferers on this medication we'll address this issue. Is it safe to take?

  • The doctor should make the call on this one, but in animal studies Topamax has caused harm to the developing fetus, and its safety has not been verified in pregnant humans. 
  • It may appear in breast milk, and the side effects to the nursing baby remains unknown. 

So use with caution.

Some safe medicines to take for migraines and pregnancy are:

  • Beta blockers 
  • Antihypertensives 
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor 
  • Antidepressants 
  • Bupropion.

Migraine sufferers are prescribed these medicines as preventives.

Avoid these while pregnant if possible.

  • Avoid foods that trigger migraines. 
  • Also avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Get plenty of rest and avoid stress if possible.

A woman can have migraine with aura, also called classic migraine during pregnancy and never have one after the baby is born.  Ocular migraines are probably caused by the hormonal changes going on. It shouldn't last very long but it may frighten you.

If the vision becomes blurred, and spots obstructing the natural vision, let the doctor know. Flashing lights or zigzag patterns may be present also. He'll probably prescribe medications and bed rest.

Thanks for reading our migraines and pregnancy page.

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