Migraines and Depression..What to Look For.. 


Migraines and depression may be prescribed the same antidepressant.

For almost forty years now, antidepressants have been used successfully for the help in migraine therapy. This is one line of migraine treatment that about all migrainures will be prescribed. There're used as migraine preventives.

It's important to determine if there's clinical depression causing migraines, which is a disease, or if it's an emotional depression that's brought on by having to deal with the migraines. There is a difference, and depression is very common in migraine sufferers. Don't worry, this is normal and can be treated.

Did you know that depression in the United Kingdom, is the fourth most frequently diagnosed disorder, and twelfth in the United States? It's not fully understood what the link is between migraine disease, and clinical depression. But almost half of all migraineurs experience clinical depression.

Depression can come from fear

Depression may be from:

  • Being alone 
  • Afraid of the next migraine attack. 
  • Afraid of being a burden on someone 
  • Scared the next migraine attack may be a stroke

The list is endless. It's so easy to tell someone that everything will be alright, but when the shoe is on the other foot, we soon realize it's easier said than done.

One belief behind migraines and depression is the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is involved in both migraines, and depression. When the depression is treated, that  helps the migraines. If  the class called SSRI are prescribed, often improvements in migraines and depression will be felt.

Signs of depression with or without migraines.

If you have a migraine the pain is obvious. But depression may not be as obvious. If any of the below are present:

  • Early or frequent awakening!
  • Decreased ability to concentrate!
  • Low energy or fatigue!
  • Lost of interest in pleasurable activities!
  • Low or no ambition!
  • Indecisiveness and poor memory!

Those could be signs of clinical depression.

Physical signs of depression may be:

  • Shortness of breath!
  • Constipation!
  • Weight loss!
  • Decreased sexual drive!
  • Heart palpitations!
  • Or menstrual changes!

Emotional feelings that could signal depression.

Such as feelings of:

  • Guilt, worthiness, or hopelessness!
  • Obsession over the past, present, or the future!
  • Fear of a physical disease, dying or considering suicide. 
  • Feeling worse in the morning.

Please remember that everyone experiences feelings of being blue or down in the dumps from time to time.


With depression all problems may be related to a specific event, such as a death of a family member, an accident or surgery. This may be perceived as much more serious and out of proportion than the actual occurrence.

A person could feel weakened or maimed by what happened. In migraine attacks, spells of weeping before the migraine could occur.

Migraines and depression could be followed by:

  • Anxiety such as panic attacks 
  • Sleep disorders, and other psychological problems.

I've watched my wife suffer with many of these symptoms, and we understand what migraine sufferers go through.

Although migraines and depression often coincide together, and the treatment may be the same for both. If depression is experienced with no migraines then the type of antidepressant may be different than if migraines are also had.

I had a conversation with my wife's headache specialists nurse one time. She thought my wife was suffering with depression. My answer to her was "name me one person that has frequent and intense migraines that aren't depressed"  My answer was, I haven't worked here very long. Point is, migraines can and do cause emotional depression.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page is on migraine help, and our last page is info about migraine headache cures. Home page from migraines and depression. Here's a screening tool to use for depression.

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