Migraine Without Headache..Dangerous or Not..

Yea, a migraine without headache. How could this be, no pain with a migraine, what's up?

This is a type of headache that effects the eyes. Migraine with no headache is also called an ocular (eyes) migraine, and is usually known as the migraine without head pain, and is a type of migraine that distorts the images in the eye. The distortion starts in the center of the image, and then shifts to one side.

Migraine without head pain usually affects one eye at a time, and as the migraine progresses, the images may turn wavy or grey, and the sight may be lost temporarily. The first time this migraine strikes is a frightening experience.

Silent Migraine Symptoms.

Some of the most common migraine without head pain symptoms are:

  • Zigzagging patterns 
  • Blind spots 
  • And flashes of light. 
  • Holes in the field of vision are one of the most prominent ocular migraine symptoms. 

Ocular migraine is a type of migraine, and is usually not a cause of concern unless it starts interfering with daily activities.

We're switching to other names for this migraine to let everyone know that these migraines are given several different names, but refer to the same type of migraine.

Ocular migraine is also known as ophthalmic migraine, or silent migraine. The causes of ocular migraine are not known exactly, but in some people, eating certain foods such as the ones on this page we have, can trigger them. Anyone that has a migraine without headache probably sufferers with the same symptoms as with classic migraines.

The difference in a classic migraine attack and a migraine without a headache attack.

In classic migraine, the visual disturbance occurs in a different place, the occipital cortex, in the back of the head, but in an ocular migraine, the disturbance arises from the retinal blood vessels in the eyes.

Do you see the difference? In classical migraine, the aura comes from the brain, but in ocular migraine, it starts from within the eye.

What to do for a Migraine Without a Headache attack.

If there's a feeling the silent migraine attack might be coming, don't panic, it's important to stay calm. If you're driving, pull over until the ocular migraine passes and the vision has cleared.

If it strikes at home, just look for a dark and calm place to lie down for a half hour or so, and take the regular headache medicines such as Advil, or something similar. A test to verify if you're having migraine without pain is to cover one eye. If the symptoms do not change, close the other eye. If the symptoms stop, you might be suffering from ocular migraine, but if the symptoms do not change, you might be suffering from regular migraine.

Seek advice from a physician, and he/she will let you know if there's any serious eye disease, or anything wrong in the blood vessels near the eye.

Migraine without headache treatments.

Normally, ophthalmic migraines don't require treatment. But if these symptoms happen regularly or start increasing, medication may be needed to reduce the frequency, and severity of attacks, so consult a doctor.

These medications may have to be taken for extended periods of time to prevent recurrence of ocular migraines. We had one man to leave us a message that after the first frighting experiences were over, the attacks were rather quite pleasant. Our next page covers atypical migraine, and the types of migraines. Our last page is about complicated migraines. Home page from migraine without headache.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this help answer questions on eye migraines.

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