Migraine with Aura.. Different From Common Migraine..

Migraine with aura can be frightening when it's experienced for the first time.

The majority of migraine sufferers have common migraine, thus the saying common. But for the migraine sufferers that have aura with their migraine, it's called classic migraine. The visual, or ocular migraine as it's referred to, can be quite an experience in itself. Migraine auras have similar symptoms as stroke, but a stroke is had much faster.

Migraine with aura treatment such as an abortive can actually be taken sooner, therefore having relief faster than one that has migraine without aura. One has about twenty to thirty minutes before the headache starts, because the aura is a warning, and that can give one time to take an abortive for the pain. But, there's some sufferers that have aura without the headache, and that's one up on the pain experienced by most migraine sufferers.

It's thought that migraine and aura may be a migraine that originates in the occipital or the visual cortex, and migraine without aura may come from another part of the brain. Migraine with aura strokes are also more prevalent than in migraine sufferers that don't have auras.

Migraine and aura can come with quite a few symptoms.

Below are the ones you can have or it may be several together.

  • Blind or dark spots in your field of vision.
  • Bright lights and Zigzag lines.
  • Visual changes and distortions in the size and shape of objects.
  • Shimmering, pulsating patches, often curved, and tunnel vision.
  • Curtain effect over one eye.
  • Slowly spreading spots, and even temporary blindness in one eye.

Other sensations one can experience with migraine and aura, are confusion, strange smells, hallucinations, numbness or a tingling sensation on one side of the body, ( you can see why migraine with aura, and strokes can be similar), anxiety, weakness, fear, having to go to the bathroom, inability to comprehend or even understand spoken words during and after your aura. This is the reason someone that has these migraine symptoms should go to the ER if possible, and be checked.

Also adding to it one could have the inability of not being able to speak clearly, slurred speech that sounds like one is trying to talk with a mouth full of food. Below is the effects of a complicated migraine with aura. Some may remember this on the news the next morning.

On one of our pages, we told of a family friend that had an aura with her migraine, and had to be taken to the emergency room at the hospital.

Auras can last from several seconds to an hour or more, and can leave you weak, tired, sweating, and even give you heart palpitations( anxiety over what's happening ).

The classification for migraine and aura will be this.

  • Not attributable to any other disorder.
  • Have at least five migraine attacks lasting from four to seventy two hours, moderate to severe, pulsating, unilateral location, and physical activity making it worse, nausea, vomiting, and photophobia, and phonophobia.
  • One or more fully reversible aura symptoms indicating focal cortical and/or brainstem disfunction.
  • At least one aura developing gradually over more than four minutes or two or more symptoms occurring in succession.
  • No aura lasting more than sixty minutes.
  • Headache follows in sixty minutes.

With migraine and aura one may even hear voices or sounds that don't exist, or buzzing noises.

Also, a migraine with aura, and no pain with it is called acephalgic migraine. Most experts now think that migraine with aura causes are from the abnormal functioning of brain cells, not a lack of blood supply.

While migraines can be triggered by stress, caffeine, foods, hormonal changes in women, and a family history, migraine with aura treatments depends on the frequency, severity, and the impact of your acute attacks. The more the migraines are managed , the less migraine and aura attacks one will have.

We hope this has given you info that you needed. All the best.

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