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Migraine treatments will help if the right steps are taken to prevent migraines.

Treatments for migraines can consist of anything that can give migraine relief. Preventive medicines, abortive medicines when there is a slip through migraine, lifestyle changes, and many more treatments make up the list for pain free days. Don't get migraines out of control by doing everything that's not suppose to be done. Checking for migraine triggers, finding the right migraine medication, paying attention to the migraine symptoms, will result in ones migraine relief.

Migraine sufferers walk a tight rope?

Headache treatments will have to be top priority in everything. One page that should be remembered is the migraine trigger page. Certain things won't bother migraines, but others will trigger migraines in some sufferers. Some migraine sufferers have even turned to alternative treatments such as acupuncture for migraines, because it is known to bring relief.

There are quite a few foods, and beverages that work directly on the blood vessels in ones head, and can cause migraines in susceptible people, so this is a page to remember also. Take note that it's hard to make a connection sometimes on foods because a migraine attack can occur a day after eating a food that may cause the attack. By that time the connection may be forgotten. This can be called one of the headache treatments, by identifying something that is raising the threshold to the level that produces a migraine.

The first step of treating moderate migraines is to use pain relieving medications. "We talked to a man that has migraine with aura but the pain can be treated with over the counter pain medicine, and he doesn't have them often. We know this isn't the norm though."

There's quite a bit of pain medicine on the market, but be careful about taking to much. Rebound headaches can be acquired by about all pain medicine, and no migraine headache treatments will work then. Also, don't forget ulcers, and bleeding that some pain medicine can cause.

For mild migraines, nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs will work.

"These medications, such as Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen or Aspirin, may help, and one won't have a rebound headache from these, if not taken over two or three times a week". Pain medicine that's precribed with instructioins to take every six hours for pain are the ones that can cause rebounds, because most think if it says it on the precripition bottle, then it's alright to take them. Good headache specialist WON"T prescribe this much pain reliever.

Drugs that are made specifically for migraine, such as (Excedrin Migraine), also may ease moderate migraines but aren't effective by itself for those "killer" migraines. If taken to much, the ones above (and there are several made just for migraines) can lead to ulcers, and bleeding, and rebound headaches also.

Migraine preventives are good migraine treatments for millions of migraine sufferers.

Many that have migraines could benefit from preventative medication, yet very few take it. When migraine attacks occur more and more frequently, migraine preventive medicine should be taken. Keep in mind one may have to switch several times to find the right combination that works.

Even suffering with two or more migraine attacks a month, one could be a candidate for preventive therapy, if the pain medicines aren't as effective as they used to be.

What preventives do is reduce how often a migraine attack occurs, how much it hurts, how long it lasts, and can increase the effectiveness of symptom relieving medicines used during migraine attacks.

For women that are suffering from hormonal migraines a doctor may recommend that they take preventive medications daily, or when a trigger, such as menstruation, is getting close.

Of course this doesn't apply to us guys.

One other migraine treatment that works well is the triptans, because a migraine can quickly be aborted.

For people with severe migraine attacks, triptans are the drug of choice.

My wife is never without Imitrex. They are quite effective in relieving the pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light, and sound that are associated with migraines.

Names of the triptans are Imitrex, Maxalt, Amerge, Zomig, Axert, Frova (good for menstrual migraines), and Relpax. These are not without side effects also, and one has to be careful about taking these as well for migraine attacks.

There are more medicines out on the market for migraines, but these above are some of the ones that work the best for migraine treatments. Also for migraine headache treatments vitamins, and herbs have eased the pain for many.

These aren't all the treatments available for migraines, but a start. Reading books on migraines is a good way to start. One of the most effective treatments is to just learn how to manage migraines. One treatment for stubborn headaches could be botox, or even migraine surgery if necessary. There are many treatments for migraines but a headache specialist may be the best one to decide on the course of treatment, if the easy treatments don't work. We discuss more migraine treatment on our next page. More info on migraines.

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Wishing each one a pain free day.

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