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Migraine treatments before the headache or after?

Treatments usually consists of several preventive medicines, and when an attack occurs, an abortive medicine for the pain. If a Doctor determines that the migraines aren't coming from a physical condition, his treatment will probably be  preventive medicines.

My wife has been to quite a few Doctors and she has never been told anything about what I'm going to give information on. And she has been to headache clinics, pain management, and many Doctors that seem to think you can write a prescription for pain medicine, and give a preventive and all is well.

Several ailments that can trigger migraines.

Neck Pain

Headaches from:

  • High blood pressure. 
  • Pinched nerve in the neck
  • Arthritis in the facet joints in the neck.
  • Whiplash

Migraine treatments after the attack.

  • Medication, preferably one of the Triptans that quickly relieves migraines.
  • Apply a cold pack or cool damp cloth to the forehead. 
  • Relax in a dark quite room. 
  • Massage the painful areas.

Migraine preventive treatments that avoid known culprits that cause migraine flare ups is the top treatment for migraines.

Identify and avoid what can cause migraines.


You should attempt to identify, and avoid factors that promote or precipitate migraine episodes. Some to consider would be:

  • Any kind of perfumes (scents), and chemicals such as ones used in the work place or cleaning substances. 
  • Abusing alcohol
  • Avoid changes in sleep patterns to avoid headaches. 
  • Reduce stress and relax more. 
  • Keep an eye on foods that are known migraine triggers. 
  • Avoid consuming to much caffeine, can cause morning headaches. 
  • Avoid using to much pain medicine, can cause rebound headaches.

A dietary restriction has not been shown to be an effective approach to treating migraine. However, if you eliminate particular foods that are known to trigger migraines, that can be very effective. This is known as a migraine diet. By printing off a diary, and filing it in, if there's an attack, pin pointing what it is will be easier.

Migraine treatments can vary for each individual.

The only treatment that works for some sufferers is preventive medicines. But nothing is wasted by learning all about your type of headache and how they're treated. If the migraines are severe and frequent, a headache specialist should be seen for his opinion. Different treatments for migraine headaches are:

Supplements for more natural headache treatment.

Herbs for headaches relief are:

Most obvious line of migraine treatment will be preventives.

Preventive medication has to be taken on a daily basis, usually for a few weeks, before you can tell if it is helping. A neurologist should be working with you on this, preferably a headache specialist. Many preventive medicines are available, and you may have to try a few to find the one that works best for you. Preventive medication may not have to be taken indefinitely.

Sometimes as little as six months of preventive therapy is enough to "break the headache cycle" in some headache sufferers.

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