Migraine Surgery for Those Stubborn Migraines!!!

We think that our migraine surgery pages, which are several, are important.

The reason is that you, like myself, surf for information. We get bored reading more than several pages in a site. Some web sites have hundreds of pages, and the fact of the matter is, we miss most.

So if you hit on one of our surgery for migraines pages, we hope some information will help you.

Migraine surgery is used as a last option, and for good reason.

Your chronic daily headaches may be from just having rebound headaches from trying to get rid of the pain. Been there, and done that, and may I say it's easy to get caught up in that take a pain pill for pain, and soon a headache sufferer needs more, and more.

Then there are foods, and beverages that trigger headaches and migraines.

There are hormone headaches in women that have slightly different treatments. You see why it sometimes takes several years of hit, and miss for many headache suffers to find relief.

But all said and done, thousands of headache suffers are reading these pages each month. And I would be willing to bet they don't have those once a month, or occasional headaches. We have e-mails from some headache suffers that find no headache relief. The worst part is, you only see a doctor for an hour or less every three months???

So in three years, you're only going to see him 12 hours if you're lucky. If you aren't finding some relief each visit, you have three years gone, and nothing to show for it?????

Just my three cents worth, because we've done that, how about you?

If you're thinking about surgery for migraines, some of the bigger headache hospitals offer this. If you think you may be a good candidate for surgery for migraines, by all means start looking, or ask your doctor to refer you to someone that has more experience in chronic migraines/headaches than he/she has..

Headache Specialist

Different methods of migraine surgery:

  • One such surgery is used to relieve migraines if a sufferer has had botox injections that eliminated their pain.

Remember back some time ago about people that had botox injections for wrinkles. The ones that had suffered with headaches, noticed that their headaches were greatly improved?

Also, people that had facelifts saw a great improvement on their migraines. Read about this surgery for migraines, and what is done.

Some researchers are studying the feasibility of removing the bulk of the muscles underneath the eyebrows called the "corrugator supercilii". In one small study 95% of 24 patients saw an improvement, and 46% saw a complete elimination of their migraines, and one half reported an improvement.

  • The second type of migraine surgery

This consists of trigger sites. The theory here is that something such as a muscle is pressing on the sensory nerves. Due to this nerve irritation, a cascade of events is initiated, leading to the inflammation of the meningeal layers surrounding the brain, and to migraine headaches.

(I read a blog where a man had the same headache/migraine surgery before my wife's surgical therapy, on the occipital nerve, and a blood vessel, and a lymph node were pressing on the nerve.)

Four trigger areas have been identified as surgical candidates.

You would have to be evaluated by a surgeon that specializes in this field to find out which trigger points he/she may do. It would depend on their call after they check you.

My wife had this procedural. Her neck area where the greater occipital nerve passes through the semispinalis capitas muscle is addressed with a surgical approach with resection of a small segment of the semispinalis muscle and shielding the nerves with a subcutaneous adipose flap.

  • The next migraine surgery is the implant of a neurostimulator.

It involves the implant of electrodes in the occipital area, and a box that produces an electrical shock, therefore turning the pain signal off.

Where my wife had her procedure, I saw where the neurostimulator implant was also offered.

We're not going to keep you long, but there is help for many headache sufferers that have run into dead ends. Don't give up. If you're not being helped, then it's the responsibly of your doctor to find you a hospital that deals in your specific headache.(Don't hold your breath though)But please don't sit back, and think there's nothing else that can be done, and suffer. You may be the one that has to call, inquire, and ask around.

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