How can Migraine Sufferers Relieve their Headaches....


Migraine sufferers should keep track of their headaches.

What better way is there to help migraines than keeping track of them. By that we suggest having a diary, notebook or something to jot down daily activities, foods eaten an so forth. We'll list in more detail what to do in a jiffy. If a headache suffer can put a finger on what's causing their migraine attacks they may not cure their migraines, but they can, so to speak "put their migraines in remission".

For some sufferers it may be easier than others to recognize what's causing or triggering their migraines. We've heard from our visitors about such things as alcohol, aged cheese, scents such as perfumes, peppers, deficiency in magnesium, artificial sweeteners,  and so forth. Each one had something when they came in contact with, that gave them migraine attacks. Keep in mind that for some sufferers there seems to be nothing they can find that is provoking attacks.

Keep a headache diary to track the migraines.

One of the first things for a migraine sufferer to do is learn what can trigger headaches and concentrate on them. There's more things that don't give migraine attacks than those that do. By keeping track may help you recognize what gives those attacks, and also help your healthcare provider determine what may be causing them, and  how to treat and avoid migraines. Record the following:

  • Time and day the headache started. 
  • What time the headache stopped. 
  • What type of pain you experienced such as throbbing, stabbing, or vice like, etc. 
  • On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worst how intense was it. 
  • Where was the pain located, such as one eye or forehead. 
  • Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or vision problems. 
  • Foods eaten that day and the day before. 
  • Events leading up to the headache such as nap, exercise, or some type of stress activity. 
  • If and what kind of medication you took, and the effect of the treatment. 

Anything else that comes to mind.

Steps to take in a work place for migraine sufferers.


One common trigger for migraines in the work place is:

  • Poor lighting. 
  • Glaring, or bright overhead fluorescent lighting can be a problem. 
  • Watching the glare from a computer. 
  • Watch the posture. 
  • Take frequent rest and stretching breaks for brief periods. 

Migraine sufferers should learn triggers such as.

Migraine headache sufferers have several options when it comes to their headaches  One is, let their healthcare provider, preferably a headache specialist, provide management for their headaches, or learn about migraines and help him help you. It would be best if you learn all you can about migraine triggers such as:

  • What kind of foods that may trigger migraines. 
  • The different kinds of chemicals and scents out there that can trigger an attack. 
  • How to manage stress, and keep the same sleep patterns to avoid attacks.
  • Women have birth control pills and menstruation to contend with for provoking attacks. 
  • Alcohol abuse, and over consumption of caffeine
  • You can have sensitivity to loud sound, bright lights, and smell, but these can also trigger migraine attacks.

We had a visitor let us know she could smell red peppers and they would provoke an attack. Watch those foods because MSG alone is found in processed foods such as canned soups. There's also processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage bacon and so forth. It's important to keep that diary filled in because foods alone can be so many. If your attacks are from foods a diary would point to a certain one after awhile.

Migraine sufferers can benefit from supplements.

Vitamins, minerals, and herbs have been used with success. They are:

Migraine sufferers have to constantly be on the alert to what may cause an attack. As one of our friends said, he has migraine attacks from processed meats such as hot dogs, and still forgets and eats them. Also be aware of the controversy over the artificial sweeteners causing headaches. These sweeteners are found in over 6,000 products and could well be consumed by someone that's not aware of what they're ingesting.

Thanks for reading, we hope all migrainures get control of their migraines.

Fifty ways to control migraines. Our next page is on headaches and migraines. Our last page covers a migraine headache. Home page from migraine sufferers

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