Migraine Stroke..Know The Difference In An Attack..

A migraine stroke is about two to three times more likely to happen in a migraine sufferer than a non migraine sufferer.

There're several types of migraines that could make one think they were having a migraine stroke. It's always in the back of the mind and it can be very frightening because some stroke symptoms, and migraines symptoms are the same.

My wife was admitted to the ER one time for stroke like symptoms while suffering with a migrane headache. She lost her speech, and could hardly stand. Although the hospital thought she had a stroke, the next day they determined she didn't. They said she had a migraine, but they actually didn't know what had happened to her.

Someone that suffers from migraines are familiar with the feeling of them, and can usually distinguish an ordinary migraine from something more serious. But if this is the first time this was experienced, go to the ER.

When are you at a migraine stroke risk?

You're at more risk by smoking, using birth control, or living a sedentary lifestyle.

Migraine stroke symptoms to worry about are:

  • If there's numbness for no apparent reason that's in the arm or leg, or both at the same time.
  • There's clumsiness, weakness, and difficultly talking, and develop a headache, call 911.

By sitting on a hard surface (reading a book in the bathroom for me) the leg may get numb. Or maybe an arm dangling over a chair. But in that case you know what you did.

You may be having a stroke if this is the case!!!!

Our neighbors were in a store, and the woman said her husband walked over to her, and she said he was having trouble talking, and was drooling. She immediately took him to the hospital. He had a slight stroke.

Will birth control pills make a woman more at risk for a migraine stroke?

Estrogen birth control pills double, and may even triple the risk for stroke. Other factors are:

  • By smoking, the risk of stroke is three to five times greater.
  • Over weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Family history of heart trouble or stroke.

If the classic migraine is experienced , one type of migraine that has aura, the risk of stroke is even greater than with common migraine.

Many headache specialist consider the risk of stroke to be to high to recommend estrogen in this case.

If you have a migraine like this, called a complicated migraine, have someone drive you to the ER, or call the rescue squad. Complicated migraines and strokes have the same symptoms.

Migraine and stroke, complex migraines, or our next page on hemiplegic migraines, just to name a few can mimic each other.

Figuring out a migraine stroke can be a little tricky.

If you suffer with migraines, but have one with the above symptoms, have someone take you to the ER. Please don't take changes.

Before the blood pressure goes through the roof, here are the facts. Like we said at the top of the page, the risk of stroke is over two times greater in migraine sufferers than that of a non- migraine sufferer.

But the facts are, in the general population there're only nine women out of a hundred thousand or so that have strokes. With migraine sufferers that only amounts to about twenty people per one hundred thousand. And add the birth control pills, you have about seventy five people per one hundred thousand that have strokes. So with a few changes in ones lifestyle no one should panic.

While this is to be thought about, we don't think one should worry. With a few lifestyle changes if they are needed, would put one at a very low risk of having a stroke even if one is a migraine sufferer.

Thanks for reading, we hope this answered the question of migraine and strokes Home page from migraine stroke.

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