Migraine Specialist..Needed to Treat Migraines..

Migraine specialists are neurologists, but all neurologists are not headache specialists.

Anyone that sufferers with migraines that aren't occasional or mild to moderate, should find a competent migraine headache specialist. One that is highly recommended. Finding the best will save a lot of pain down the road. A headache specialist will be one that treats other types of headache also. Often migraine sufferers have overlapping headaches, such as tension headaches, and migraines.

It would be foolish to say that all migraine/headache sufferers are being helped at headache clinics. But there would be no headache clinics, if no one was being helped also. Most migraine sufferers start with general doctors treating them, then progress to neurologists, then if all fail to give relief, headache specialists are looked for.

Each migraine sufferer has something different that causes their migraines. This is where a little detective work comes in handy while going to a doctor. Over 50% of migraine relief comes from the migraine sufferer keeping close tabs on their migraines. Doctors don't know what a person eats, drinks, comes in contact with, or what goes on in the everyday life of a migraine sufferer. Some of these things may be triggering their migraines, and a little detective work may pay off.

There'll always be certain degrees of pain levels that migrainures go through.

While a migraine specialist may prescribe the right combination for 95% of sufferers, there's still the ones like my wife that finally had to have surgery for her migraines. What a migraine sufferer can expect from a general doctor is a pretty good supply of pain medicine. That's just the way it goes. Eighty percent or more of headache sufferers are taking to much pain medicine. For many migraine sufferers, switching preventives, and cutting back on pain medicine is all that it takes to have migraine relief. That's the reason a headache specialist is a must for migraine sufferers that have frequent and severe migraines. Anything less is going to end up creating needless suffering.

A lady e-mailed, and said her head hurt every day. She was taking Imitrex every day, plus more pain medicine."She was having rebound headaches". She was seeing her primary doctor, and a neurologist. When she went to her neurologist, she said he tapped her on the knee, looked in her eyes, and prescribed another preventive. (You get the picture). Can you see now why your neurologist may not help if he/she doesn't work each and every day with headache/migraine sufferers.

The difference between neurologists, and headache/migraine specialist.

Neurologists treat a wide range of neurological diseases, and illnesses as well as injuries to the head involving neurological problems.(and they are good at this)

Then there are headache, and migraine specialist that work every day, that treat nothing but migraines, and headaches. They have more experience on this disease. For anyone that sees a migraine specialist, and he/she isn't working for you, don't stay with him/her very long. Give him/her a reasonable amount of time than move on to another. Hopefully after researching, and asking questions there won't be a need for a change.

What to look for when choosing a migraine specialist.

  • Someone who has the expertise to give headache relief.
  • Also ask how many methods of help they offer in their migraine treatment.

"If we had to do it all over again, we would have went somewhere that was invasive due to the severity of my wife's headaches/migraines". (But for years we didn't know what to do.)

A headache specialist will ask these questions so they can give appropriate treatment. The questions may be:

  • How bad are the migraines?
  • Do they hurt every day?
  • Is the type of headaches known?
  • How many years has relief been looked for?
  • Has the migraine food triggers been looked at, and tested?
  • How much pain medicine is taken each day?

Ten percent of migraine sufferers don't respond to conventional treatments. When that happens, headache clinics that offer more types of treatments will have to be found.

We are at a headache/migraine clinic now that came highly recommended.

Depending on the conclusion of the migraine specialist, a migraine sufferer that has certain symptoms may be referred to a hospital for more test, and a plan may be put forth to give some relief. These places offer medical, nursing, psychological, and psychiatric help. They have much more to offer a headache sufferer that has uncontrollable migraines.

My wife was to be sent to a headache hospital in Michigan at one time , but wouldn't go because it was so far away. They would have admitted her, and found what was wrong, causing her head to hurt 27/7. We'll give you their site, and info below.

Some questions to ask a migraine specialist

Make a list of questions to ask him/her. If the head is hurting in a doctors office, changes are, questions may be forgotten that will be thought of later.

  • What type of headache/migraine you have, and what exactly is his line of treatment for the head pain.
  • What lifestyle changes can be make to help prevent these headaches, and what may be triggering them.
  • Ask him about preventives if none is taken.
  • If there's nausea with the migraines, ask him for nausea medicine if none is taken.
  • When he writes prescriptions, ask him about each one, side effects, does it cause rebound headaches, and anything else that comes to mind. Take a notepad if necessarily.
  • Ask if he/she recommends any supplements such as magnesium, feverfew, COq10, or others. Most migraine specialist do.

If someone has had migraines for years with no help, then it's time to find a headache specialist that's willing to go the distance to bring relief. A couple of sites that have more info can be looked at.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you find a great migraine headache specialist.

Our last page covered migraine clinics and headache specialist, and our next page is about migraine relief alternative. Home page from migraine specialist.

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