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A migraine remedy  may consist of different approaches.

Herbal remedies , natural remedies, or even homeopathic migraine remedies can diminish the frequency and intensity of headaches. The best migraine remedy is prevention if possible. The definition of remedy is anything that cures or helps a disease. Since  migraines are diseases, and there's different treatments to use, we'll give the most popular ones that gives relief to headaches. 

One course of action if the migraine attacks are often, is taking preventive medicine. If this line of treatment is looked at, find a highly recommenced  headache specialist to determine the best course of treatment for the specific headache you have. Self treating mild headaches are one thing, but for migraines, appropriate treatment should be looked into. For those that don't want to or can't tolerate side effects of conventional medicines, there're more natural approaches for migraine remedies.

Feverfew is the most popular migraine remedy of the herbs.

Feverfew Plant

Studies show a reduction and severity of migraine attacks while taking this herb. Feverfew is a flowering plant used since ancient times for:

  • Inflammation  
  • Treating migraines 
  • Pain associated with women's menstruation.

It has minimal side effects that can be read about on the Feverfew page. FeverFew works by reducing and sometimes even totally inhibiting the chemical triggers in the brain and blood vessels that start a migraine to begin with. Some research has shown that this herb may have an effect on serotonin levels in the brain, which can reduce stress or tension headaches as well. 

Studies have shown that Butterbur works.

Butterbur Plant

Butterbur and feverfew are both herbs that are sold in health food stores and most chain stores.

  • Buttebur reduces pain and helps with inflammation.

Another popular herb is ginger.

Riboflavin is used as a migraine remedy.

  • Test show that high doses reduced migraine attacks by fifty percent in fifty nine percent of people that took riboflavin B-2 for migraines, and was also well tolerated.
  • Niacin is vitamin B-3 and can be used for migraine relief.

Both of these vitamins are also used for depression, and depression can cause migraines. We received an e-mail from one of our visitors that stated she had used B-3 for fifty years to relieve her headaches. Our links go to pages with much more info on the specific vitamin or herb in question.

Another migraine remedy is magnesium.

Last but not least is magnesium. It's been found that a high percent of headache sufferers are deficient in this mineral. Magnesium is crucial in the upkeep of our bodies. Without this mineral we would all perish, simple as that. 

Magnesium is an important nutrient found in every cell, and a deficiency can give  headaches.  Magnesium levels are low during migraine attacks, and may affect migraine related receptors, and neurotransmitters.

Here's a review on magnesium for migraines.

I suffer from migraines. I get a migraine at least once a month and headaches at least 3 times a week. I have taken nutrition classes and learned that magnesium helps blood vessels function properly. I also learned that people who suffer from migraines usually have a magnesium deficiency. 

So I decided to buy Nature's Way brand of magnesium because I have taken other supplements from Nature's Way and I now prefer that brand. Most importantly, I now only get migraines about once every 4 or so months, which is a huge improvement.

Several more migraine remedies are:

Three common migraine remedies sold in health food stores are:

  • Bryonia Alba 
  • Sanguinaria Canadensis 
  • Glononium.

Migraine triggers to watch for.


While testing migraine remedies stay alert to the migraine triggers that can give attacks. By avoiding well known causes or triggers for headaches the remedies applied will work much better. Some triggers are:

  • Foods and beverages. Foods are suspected as a trigger in about 1/3 of migraine sufferers. 
  • Abusing alcohol
  • Consuming large amounts of caffeine which is a stimulate, can cause headaches. 
  • To much pain medicine can cause rebound headaches
  • Stress and sleep patterns. 
  • Birth control pills and periods for women. 

Thanks for reading

We think by first learning all headache and migraine triggers, then applying these migraine remedies can result in less headaches. We know sufferers that know exactly what triggers their headaches, and forget to avoid what causes them. Print a diary, and use it to learn what triggers the headaches. Also a small percent of sufferers never find what makes their heads hurt.  Those are the ones that really should see a headache specialist to try to determine the cause.

On our next page is more migraine relief, and our last page gives more info on migraine remedies, and what can be done to help ease pain. Home page from migraine remedy.

For our Migrane sufferers that may want to seek additional help other than information, there's many products to choose from on Amazon to relieve that headache. You'll be surprised as to how many products are designed for headache relief, from medicine to pillows and so forth. 

Look at the products below and read the reviews. They are all sold on Amazon for  

Even pillows for migraines help tremendously when the pain originates from the neck area. Herbs and Vitamins such as the ones mentioned above are helpful for some sufferers. Most are very inexpensive, and you may find something that will work for your type of headache. All can be found by searching Amazons many headache products. 

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