Migraine Remedies..Info About Home And Herbal..

Migraine remedies won't give side effects like conventional medicines.

Home remedies for migraines, and herbal remedies have been used for hundreds of years with much success. Herbal remedies work to prevent migraines much in the same way as preventive medicines that doctors prescribe. Home remedies are methods of self treating migraines.

Home remedies to ease a migraine.

#(1)Take a water bottle, and fill it up with hot water. Wet a wash cloth, and put it over the head where it's hurting. Then put the bottle over that. Don't have the water to hot. Hot water out of the sink will do. Heat doesn't work for all, and if it doesn't, use ice instead of heat. Try both to see what gives the most migraine relief.

#(2)Drink a strong cup of coffee, or a caffeinated drink. While caffeine on a daily basis can induce a caffeine headache, a cup or glass that has caffeine in it when a migraine strikes can be used to abort it. We'll throw this in as a reminder, if a headache or migraine sufferer wakes to a headache, and a cup of coffee takes it away, then most likely caffeine is what's causing the pain.

#(3)Go in a darkroom with no noise, and go to bed until it eases off. After taking something to abort the headache, keeping quite will help the pain.

#(4)Tie a head band around the head, and put enough pressure until you can feel the head pain easing off. This may work better for tension headaches.

#(5)Make sure you aren't dehydrated. This is a big cause of migraine headaches. Drink plenty of water to avoid a migraine.

Migraine remedies that work.

#(1)Try drinking hot green tea with jasmine if you like tea. It also has caffeine in it.

#(2)Drink a cup of cranberry juice, it's also great for the digestive track, and helps bladder infections.

#(3)One more of the migraine remedies is to take ginger. Nausea is experienced in about 85% of migraine headaches, and ginger helps with this. Ginger bread cookies, and ginger ale is handy to keep in the house.

#(4)Low blood sugar can trigger a headache in some. Just talked to a woman that said if her blood sugar dropped (from not eating) she got a headache. Drink a soft drink to kick that blood sugar back up, and not a diet drink, that's got aspartame in them and no sugar.

#(5)Drink a cup of Gatorade , it has electrolytes, but there again, some Gatorade's have aspartame in it, so read before buying. We're trying to prevent migraines, not trigger them.

#(6)Purchase some elderberries, then mash ten to fifteen elderberries in a cup of water. Bring it to a boil, and let simmer. Strain, sweeten, and drink, try this for the pain.

#(7)Vinegar has been used for centuries for different types of home remedies. Mix half water, and vinegar, bring it to a boil, and inhale the fumes for several minutes.

#(8)Peppermint oil rubbed on the head where it hurts has helped some migraine sufferers.

Each migraine sufferers head pain responds differently to different treatments. Migraine remedies may help one, and not another. So try different ones, and keep what works for you.

Supplements such as vitamins, herbs, and minerals to use for migraine remedies. Tried and proven to work.

#(1)Take fish oil. It has many benefits, one is reducing inflammation, found in migraines. Also good for high cholesterol.

#(2)Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) , COQ10, and Butterbur , reduces migraines, and they act as preventives. We have ten pages or so on vitamins that help migraines, and also herbs.

#(3)Feverfew is a herb that can be used for one of the migraine remedies. Feverfew has been used for hundreds of years to fight headaches, and is doctor recommended.

#(4)Most migraine sufferers have been found to have a deficiency in magnesium. This mineral is essential for our well being,and is involved in a number of crucial bodily functions.

More migraine remedies can be looked at on our next page. Home page from migraine remedies. Site on natural health restored.

Headache Ice Pillows also provide cold therapy for migraines, and tension headaches. Also helps pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains, neck injury, or other traumas. Great for travel, sleeping, or reading.

Thanks for visiting our page, we hope that there's some remedies that you can use for the relief of the pain.

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