Migraine Relief Alternative.. No Side Effects.


Migraine relief alternative is the fastest growing segment of healthcare  in North America.

With around eighteen million women, and twelve or more million men in the US suffering with migraines, the practice of alternative medicine, sometimes called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is drawing about fifty percent of Americans who have consulted conventional medical providers.

Cam refers to a broad range of healing philosophies, the approaches, and therapies that conventional medicine practitioners do not use. Migraine relief alternative could involve herbal migraine treatment, therapeutic massage, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncturist, and more approaches than most doctors shoot for.

This is the reason migraine alternative is another way to control migraines when other methods fail. Physicians in the United States are gradually warming to these methods. Most headache suffers would rather help their heads naturally than use prescription drugs.

Herbal treatment as an alternative.

Feverfew Plant

It's been found in studies that herbs work as well for headaches as some prescribed preventives. They were used for centuries before man made medicines came along. The top ones are:

  • Feverfew has long been used for pain of migraines. 
  • Butterbur is another herb that fights pain. 
  • Ginger is another herb that fights one of the symptoms of migraines, which is nausea. 
  • Evening primrose oil helps dilate the blood vessels. 
  • Skullcap eases tension headaches
  • Valerian reduces stress and helps with headache pain.

As with preventive medicine some of these herbs will take several weeks to reach their full effect. Each link has a page of info about these herbs.

Acupuncture is used as a migraine relief alternative.

Acupuncture has also been used for centuries to relieve headaches.

  • This is a tradition used in China as a means of treating some illnesses.
  • The pain is lessened by inserting needles into certain parts of the body that focuses on a particular place that gives pain. 
  • Also certain herbs are given to the individual for their particular aliment.

Biofeedback is another alternative for migraines.

Biofeedback is another means of gaining control over ones body.

  • It's been shown to have marked benefits in children for their migraines from about eighty to ninety five percent between the ages of seven to fifteen. 
  • It's a technique that can help gain some voluntary control over certain parts of body functions like blood pressure or pulse rate.

By controlling these functions someone can learn how to relax, and relieve their headache pain. Biofeedback for migraines is an interesting page to read. And side effects free.

Another migraine relief alternative is hypnosis.

  • Hypnosis is a way of giving coping strategies while in a relaxed state, or an altered level of consciousness. 
  • The strategies work at a subconscious level to help manage pain.

This is another interesting page to read for alternative measures to relief migraines. This is quick to use and very inexpensive for someone to apply.

These are by no means all the alternatives for migraines that can be applied. Step one we recommend if not completed yet, is education on migraines and headaches. Learn what the head doesn't like, what food or migraine trigger to keep away from. For those that abuse their headaches by indulging in migraine triggers that could be avoided, relief may be off in the distance. By avoiding all triggers possible, (alcohol and caffeine) and which ever course of alternative treatments you start with the frequency and intensity  of the migraines may dramatically decrease. 

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is on acupuncture for migraines, and our next page is on migraine specialist. Home page from migraine relief alternative.

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