Migraine Prevention..What to do For Migraines..

Migraine prevention is doing what it takes to keep the head from hurting.

And for migraine sufferers that form of prevention most likely will be different for each one.

One sufferer may find relief from taking a preventive medicine, natural headache prevention may work for another, and still for others lifestyle changes may work for migraine relief.

At least 50% of migraine prevention falls in the migraine sufferers hands.

Doctors can prescribe medicines, but will they work as well if one abuses their migraine triggers? Some migraine sufferers can't find anything that triggers their headaches, but do they know all of the little trigger buggers?

Write down everything that can cause/trigger a headache or migraine. You may have several pages to look at, or maybe a dozen. Quite a few migraine triggers. Study, and remember each one.

Than start comparing them to the times you trip up on a migraine. Slice and dice them around. See what you come up with. We've heard of the darnest things that give some migraines. For instance one woman wrote that red peppers triggered her migraines. Even if she smelled them, her head started hurting.

The keyword here is migraine prevention, not trigger a migraine. No one can watch what we do all day. One will have to start somewhere to prevent their migraines. Some changes will be easy, while others may take a little working on. Lifestyle changes for migraines should be the first to start with. The ones that cost the least may be the best. First, download this diary and try to make a connection as to what may have been done prior to having a migraine. It may be a food or beverage that can't be tolerated.

Have you ever done something, and immediately knew that you were going to pay because of it? Of course you have, we all have. One of our pages was on alcohol headaches, and that just doesn't cut it when migraine headaches are present.

Also stay tuned in for stress, something on the job, or anything else that may have happened before that awful pain known as a migraine. One way to educate yourself on how to manage migraines and headaches is also very inexpensive. Simply read books about migraines.

Next on our migraine prevention list is all natural remedies.

Many people don't like to take medicines unless they absolutely have to. We have pages on herbs that have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for the prevention of migraines and headaches. Two of the ones that are recommended for migraine relief are butterbur for migraines, and feverfew for migraines, , there's also COq10, that is used, and there may even be a chance of a deficiency of magnesium. This is a mineral that is important to the health of our bodies.

Half of all migraine sufferers are low on magnesium, and can have headaches because of it.

The last resort of course, if all else fails is medicines for migraine prevention.

And these will be prescribed by a doctor. Preferably a headache specialist. Find one because they're much more experienced in headaches and migraines than most doctors.

Many migraine sufferers find relief in taking a preventive for their migraines, but here again, that doesn't mean one can abuse that head. If contact is made with any migraine triggers, more than likely, there will be a break through migraine.

Why not just pop a pain pill and be done with it.

If one has occasional headaches and migraines, then that may work.

An advil for migraines will knock the pain out. But would you have even gotten that occasional one if the first two migraine prevention methods above was followed?

Most that are surfing don't have the once a couple of months headaches. Most migraine sufferers are having headaches and migraines that aren't responding to what they're giving them. If the migraines are becoming more frequent and it's taking more pain medicine for relief, the result could be chronic daily headaches, caused by the pain medicine, and no one wants to suffer with that.

The "keyword" is manage, and educate. With both applied with the greatest of efforts, one could see many pain free days.

Although we have given a pretty good migraine prevention plan, if a physical cause for the headaches is present, the above may help but won't get to the root cause.

For instance, there's TMJ, high blood pressure, pulled muscles in the neck, arthritis in facet joints, you get the picture don't you? If there is a physical problem, most likely one would know about it, or the doctor, we hope, will find it. Don't cut any corners when it comes to headaches and migraines.

For all that haven't taken migraine preventives, they have been a blessing for many migraine sufferers.

I could list some preventives , but this will be a doctor prescribed medicine. Although the migraine abortive's, (to take the migraine away)work wonders for knocking out migraines, they won't prevent a migraine, and one can't abuse them by taking to often. They'll end up making the head hurt more.

It may surprise you, but many migraine sufferers don't take medicines, they just suffer.

Remember, any pain medicine taken either over the counter or doctor prescribed to often, can eventually make the head hurt DAILY. There's much to apply in the top two migraine prevention methods to give migraine relief before going on migraine medicine.

Our next page is about migrane symptoms, and what to expect before the migraine starts. With migraine prevention your migrain symptoms may be history, we hope. Home page from migraine prevention.

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