Fast Migraine Pain Relief From an Attack In Progress..

Migraine pain relief for moderate to severe migraines.

Finding what's triggering a migraine is the quickest way to have migraine relief from the pain. And in migraines that includes mild to moderate migraines and also contending with migraines that produce severe pain. The migraine treatment will be somewhat different.

Migraine sufferers just want to get rid of the pain, and a trip to the doctor may do that. Most doctors will prescribe pain killers, and even preventive medicine to help with the frequency if the headaches are disrupting your life.

What if the above fails to give enough migraine relief??

Here's where you take control. Start reading, anything, and everything you can about the type of headache you have. If preventive medicines fail to give the amount of headache pain relief you expect, learning and applying what a migraine sufferer can do to help with their own headaches will have to be considered. In other words don't abuse the head. Do take the don'ts seriously. Try to avoid these to provide migraine pain relief:

  • Anger 
  • Stress 
  • Poor sleeping habits. 
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Large amounts of caffeine each day. 
  • Two triggers for most women are menstrual, and taking birth control pills.
  • Some sufferers can't tolerate scents such as perfumes and colognes. 
  • Pay attention to any drink or food (found in over 6,000 products) that contain artificial sweeteners in them. 
  • Missing meals will give migraine attacks. 
  • Watch after eating foods that are well known migraine triggers. 
  • A few are MSG found in most processed foods.
  • Diary products such as aged cheese, some fruits, and fresh yeast-risen baked goods. 
  • Avoid bright lights and loud noises. Migrainures have sensitivity to these, but can actually trigger a migraine.

By avoiding the above as best as you can, headache pain relief will come from simply avoiding what can trigger the migraine.

 Put a hundred percent on finding what may be your migraine source. Doctors prescribe the medicine, but beyond that, don't expect much info. Several routes for migraine pain relief could be from herbs for migraines, others may have to use drugs for migraine pain relief, and even home remedies may work for others. Our home page has a small piece of info about a woman (that e-mailed) that knew drinking triggered her migraines, then went out, and did what? 

Moderate migraine pain relief.

Most don't, but some migraine sufferers actually have infrequent and moderate migraines. We hear from some. For these, migraine relief medicine could be something such as:

  • Advil Migraine pain reliever can take the pain away if taken at the onset of the migraine.
  • Excedrin Migraine pain reliever is another over the counter drug for mild migraines. 
  • Also headon migraine pain reliever is used to curb the pain. It's applied on the forehead.

All pain medicines can't be taken on a daily bases for headache pain relief. Rebound headaches will develop within a time frame and no one wants to have a headache everyday because of their pain relievers.

Migraine relief for a migraine in progress.

Some just suffer, they either haven't heard of triptans or self treat their painful migraines with a couple of Tylenol. If anyone has severe migraines, and doesn't take Triptans for migraine attacks, ask the doctor to prescribe them for migraine pain relief.

For severe or frequent migraines, most likely you're going to a doctor. And he/she will know what to prescribe for the pain. (Headache specialist will prescribe a triptan, not a Lortab or Percocet, there're to addictive and will not work as well)

Natural migraine pain relief through nonmedical procedures. Try:

  • Stress reduction.
  • Exercise regularly unless physical strain gives you a headache , and eliminate food triggers.
  • Also, drink lots of water, and eat small frequent meals so you won't have a drop in blood sugar. Don't eat a big meal, and then go all day before you eat again.

Migraine pain relief using herbs and vitamins.

On the market today are such products as MigreLief with combinations of herbs, vitamins, and magnesium that specificity targets migraines to give relief. They are:

  • Feverfew 
  • Butterbur 
  • Ginger 
  • Vitamins B-2 and B-3 
  • Magnesium
  • 5_htp raises serotonin levels to relive headaches.
  • Skullcap helps to ease tension headaches. Migrainures tent to also have these overlap with their migraines.
  • SAMe can help with the prevention of migraines but has to be taken for about six weeks to give the full benefit. 

Any of these can be found in Amazon. Herbs have been used for headaches many years before conventional medicines came about.

The Physicians Health Study in the United States, and the British Male Doctors research in the United Kingdom showed that small amounts of aspirin (every other day)could lower the risk of migraine attacks by twenty to thirty percent. A baby aspirin a day could do the trick. Now this is used as a preventive, not as a treatment. The reason behind this is that small doses of aspirin may effect serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in the evolution of migraines.

The Ice pillow is a horseshoe shaped collar containing a gel pack. If wrapped  around the head at the first start of a migraine, it's claimed to be quite effective. Also buckwheat pillows have been found to help headaches stemming from the neck.

Instead of abusing the head, baby it. Learn all of the triggers that can give migraines first of all. Eliminate anything that you have control over. And don't slip up on this like the woman on our home page did. She knew what her trigger was, but gave in and had to be taken to the ER with a terrible migraine.

 We're sure that many migraine sufferers only believe that pain medicine and prescription drugs are the only way to head off migraine pain. If it works then great, but if it doesn't, than the steps to migraine pain relief may be left up to you.

Thanks for reading

Our last page was about gelstat migraine, a migraine preventive with natural ingredients. Home page from migraine pain relief. Visit our first page about migraine relief.

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