Causes Of Migraine Neck Pain.Treatments for Neck Pain!

Migraine neck pain can come from the head weighing down on irritated joints, or from injuries to muscles or ligaments.

Headache neck pain may be due to several structures in the neck that are not working properly. Literally millions of people have neck-related headaches.

Out of fourteen to eighteen percent of headache sufferers two and a half percent have something wrong in their neck that gives them a headache. That's why we have pages on pillows. Necks benefit by sleepimg on the right pillow. To a migraine or headache sufferer a pillow designed for these types of headaches are a must for more comfort, and relief.

Many people that have migraines have neck related problems, and respond to the appropriate treatment.

First you have to put the puzzle together on migraine neck pain. And it takes time. Doctors that don't treat the right cause of the headaches, may miss giving the help that a migraine sufferer needs.

The head is quite heavy, and if something is irritated or pulled , you're going to have pain. And if the injury comes from the c2/3 and c3/4disc one can have migraine neck pain.

Cause for these headaches.

Disc, facet joints, and injuries to muscle, and ligaments can cause headaches. The joints, and muscles in the neck can be damaged by car accidents, falls, or just an accident that wasn't supposed to happen. The most common injury is to the discs, or facet joints.

The upper, and middle neck may have muscle spasms that also add to the pain but it's hardly ever the primary problem.

What is a disc injury?

Disc act like shock absorbers. They provide the stability one needs for the vertebrae above, and below the disc.

The outer layer of the disc is called the annulus, which has a very "rich" nerve supply. If the annulus develops a tear or crack in it, the nerves can be stimulated. This, like we said, can be caused by a car accident or even poor posture.

The weight of the head puts more pressure on the annulus than it can stand. And if the injury is between the two joints that I mention above, migraines can develop.

The facet joints can also cause headaches.

My better half had these nerves separated by heat several years ago. The facet joints can easily be injured, and cause migraine neck pain.

Work your fingers, and look at them.

Facet joints look, and act like them. Ever pop your knuckles? Then you've heard your neck pop sometimes, same thing. It doesn't hurt you though, if your neck pops.

Although they bear a smaller portion of the weight than the disc do, the facet joints also contain cartilage, joint lining, and a great number of nerve endings.

Muscle, and ligament injury can also cause migraine neck pain.

They wear down, become inflamed, and start hurting. These can also cause a migraine from the neck pain. My wife could barely turn her neck.

Other joints that may bother one are the Atlanto occipital, and Atlanto aerial. This is where the skull, and neck meet.

Neither of these joints have discs or facets, but either one can become inflamed and cause pain. These are the two joints that are so susceptible to injury when you get whiplash.

About two thirds of the people that have recurring headaches, have muscle stiffness, or spasms, but that may not be the main cause of the pain, for the neck muscles are above the facet joints.

So by pressing on the neck muscles one may get pain in their facet, and not know the difference.

But the good news is, if you pull your muscles, or ligaments, your headache should be better in one to three weeks. Muscle strains heal quickly.

But if a disc or facet joint is injured, that can cause overlying muscles to go into spasm adding to the overall pain.

Treatments that can help migraine neck pain

Although there is no single best treatment for migraine pain coming from the neck, a sufferer can practice good posture to relieve the pressure on the neck. Start with medications such as ibuprofen, which fights infection (but I wouldn't take it for to long, unless it helps).

If your neck doesn't quit hurting, find a good pain management clinic, they can give injections of steroids, or like my wife had, burn the nerves.

Or you can go to an acupuncturist, or chiropractor, they are both great for this, and they are reasonable on their charges.

Our next page is about 65% of migraine sufferers that have this. It's called the prodrome. Do you know what phase of a migraine this is? Learn about the migraine symptoms. Home page from migraine neck pain.

If you have migraine neck pain, we hope you have found something in here that explained what can be done to find migraine relief from your neck causing/triggering your migraines.

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