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Migraine meds will be a big part of a migrainures life.

Unless a migraine sufferer has mild to moderate migraines, prescription medicines will be a daily routine. From preventives that lessen the intensity and frequency, to migraine abortive's when an attack occurs. There're new migraine medicine becoming available more often than ever. Some migraine medicines in the last couple of years have combinations of medicine such as a pain medicine added with another medicine for relief.

Migraine meds will usually consist of preventive medicines which could cover pages on the different ones, to a range of abortive medicines. The preventive lineup most likely be several preventives that work in different ways to prevent the migraines from ever happening.

Migraine preventive medicines work for about 95% of migraine sufferers.

All migraine sufferers sooner or later will need migraine medicine to ease the relentless pain of migraines and even headaches. Don't just depend on the medicine one hundred percent, but constantly keep on the look out for something that is triggering, or what's behind the start of the migraine.

We know a man that has migraines. He has the classic migraine. Visual or migraine with aura. But he says he can take an OTC medicine, and that takes the pain away. MSG found in hot dogs and many processed foods triggers his, but he said he still forgets and eats it.

Preventive migraine medicine will go in different categories.

Your headache specialist most likely will prescribe a type of drug called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) for one line of treatment. They're antidepressants but these work with serotonin, and has a great deal to do with headaches. A few could be:

  • Zoloft generic for Sertraline
  • Paroxetine CR
  • Fluoxetine
  • Citalopram

These are not all of them, for a doctor would have to prescribe them, preferably a headache specialist. These antidepressants come with many side effects. This would be your choice as to take them. They work for migraines but I'm sure many sufferers can't take them because of side effects.

Keep in mind that not all would be prescribed at one time. Each class that is given may curb the migraine attacks, but if not others may be introduced to fight the attacks.

The next line of treatment may be a blood pressure medicine.

You have at least 15 of these drugs that are prescribed for migraines. They are called Beta-Adrenergic blocking agents. They work in specific ways, and are prescribed for quite a few different ailments. Some prescribed for migraines may be :

  • Inderal
  • Inderal-LA
  • Lopressure
  • Tenormin
  • Visken
  • Blocadren
  • Toprol-XL

Generic and brand names will have different names, but the effects will be the same. Side effects to these are numerous but we don't think as rough as antidepressants, just our opinion.

Another line of the preventive migraine meds may be..

These may be the first ones that are prescribed for treating headaches and migraines. These medicines are an anticonvulsant and antimanic drug, but have been used with much success in treating migraines. Some of these drugs are:

While this is a small list, a doctor will have to prescribe these drugs for the relief of migraines. This would be strictly his/her call, and once again the side effects can be undesirable. Experience has taught us that. Read up on all the side effects of medicines that are given and report any undesirable ones if you encounter them.

The next list of migraine meds is the ones that abort, or take the pain away.

The best one used for this if anyone has severe migraines are the Triptan drugs. Although there are other pain relievers, the Triptan-Type Antimigraine drugs work best for migraine pain. Not all migrainures can take these, but here again a doctor will make that call upon asking questions about your health. These drugs have been developed with the migraine sufferer in mind. For instance for menstrual migraines Frovatriptan may be prescribed and so on. A list of several of the different names are:

  • Sumatriptan, known as Imitrex
  • Frovatriptan
  • Electriptan
  • Rizatriptan

Migraine meds will more than likely consist of these types of drugs for migraines that don't respond to over the counter pain relievers. For the triptans I see coupons for discounts for some like the Frova. As a reminder, 85% of daily headaches are because of to much pain medicine. Any pain medicine taken to often, such as the Triptans, Percoset, and Lortabs another popular pain reliever of many doctors for headaches (not headache specialist) will backfire, and make the headaches worst, so be careful consuming to often.

Thanks for reading.

Don't stop looking for those migraine triggers. Our next page has more info on migraine medicine. Home page from migraine meds. Site on drugs.

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