Migraine Medications Used to Treat Headaches..


Migraine medications are used for headaches that are disrupting someones life.

Some migraine sufferers never go to doctors or headache specialist for treatment, so when we say thirty million or so suffer with migraines, that's just an estimation, and no way will anyone know exactly how many suffer with this painful disease.

Fact is we know sufferers with migraines that seem to control theirs with over the counter pain medicine. Ones that even suffer with migraines with aura or classic migraines. In their case one thing leaped out while talking to them. They had triggers for their attacks and knew what they were. If all sufferers were like them.

Migraine medications are usually given to sufferers that have migraines so often their lives are disrupted by the symptoms and pain. For the ones that may only have one or so a year, there're hardly going to take migraine meds for them.

Migraine headache medicines called preventive medicine.

When we think preventive medicine, one medicine may come to mind. In migraines several types of medicines will be prescribed to lessen the attacks: 

  • One drug will be a beta-adrenergic blocking agent, better known as a blood pressure drug. The drug of choice is Inderal-La also by the name Propranolol. 
  • Second drug usually prescribed is an antidepressant drug such as Zoloft. These drugs are prescribed because the SSRIs class of drugs prevents the movement of serotonin into nerve endings, therefore forcing serotonin to remain longer in the surrendering nerve endings which increases its action. Reading this page will inform you about serotonin and how it's believe to be linked to migraines. 
  • Next will be another class of preventive migraine medicines and this type of drug will be an anticonvulsant; antimigraine. Two of these are the most popular and they are Topamax or Depakote.

What you're prescribed will be up to the doctor. Be aware that some, if not most of these drugs have side effects that are undesirable. My wife has taken each one and several drugs just didn't help. But all migraine sufferers will vary on the relief. Let your healthcare provider know if any side effects cannot be tolerated.

Abortive migraine medications used.

Advil Migraine

Abortive medicines that are effective for relief of moderate migraines are:

To name a few over the counter drugs. These aren't for frequent or severe migraines. Also a big possibility of increasing the frequency and intensity of the migraines if these drugs are abused. Rebound headaches can slip up rather quickly from over using any pain reliever. 

Migraine abortive medicines of choice.

Most sufferers don't have moderate pain and want something that works fast. The migraine drug for this is the Triptan type antimigraine drug. Triptans are only recommended after analgesics have failed.

They are called:

  • Sumatriptan  by injection_nasal spray_tablets. (Imitrex)
  • Zolmitriptan comes in tablets_nasal spray. (Zomig)
  • Rizatriptan taken by tablets. Maxalt)
  • Naratriptal (Amerge)
  • Frovatriptal in tablets. (Frova)
  • Eletriptan (Relpax)
  • Almotriptan (Axert)

It's not recommened treating over four migraines a month using triptans, and those who take them should read all the side effects before taking. Be safe

Ergot drugs have been out for many years and work to relieve migraines. They reduce inflammation, and have effects on blood vessels, causing them to constrict.

Headache specialist recommend triptans if the patient can tolerate them for relief. If someone goes to their doctor they may be prescribed pain medicine such as Percocet or Lortabs for pain relief. Not only are these addictive but by taking them as often as a migrainure wants for pain will undermine the theory of proper treatment for migraines and also cause rebound headaches

We recommend while taking migraine medications for relief, learn all you can about your headache. By taking doctor recommended supplements, always being on top of the triggers that can put an attack in motion, and simple lifestyle adjustments, relief will most certainly be sweeter.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page is on fioricet for migraines, and our last is about taking imitrex for migraines. Home page from migraine medications. Web site about drugs for migraines.

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