A Migraine Kit Comes In Handy When A Migraine Attacks..

A migraine kit comes in handy.

A migraine sufferer sooner or later is going to be somewhere without the appropriate treatment and have an attack. Three kits are needed. One for the home, one for the car, and another stashed in the workplace.

How many times has anyone been caught out, and not have one pain pill, and migraine symptoms suddenly appear? Forgot them. Thing of it is, everyone is guilty of forgetting things. But for a migraine sufferer forgetting means pain. No relief from the nausea, and vomiting or pain. If there was a migraine kit, everything needed to abort and quite the attack would be at hand.

I couldn't even think of all the times my wife would get caught out, and end up having a terrible migraine, and I would have to pull over to the side of the road because she was sick. Now she has her nausea medicine and medicine to abort her migraines with her.

To solve this problem, and not have to go through this, we have put some thought into migraines, and put together a migraine kit that can save pain and discomfort. Build a personalized migraine kit to be ready should a severe headache or migraine start.

Number one is the treatment strategy.

Make a note as to what has helped abort a headache. "My wife even has trouble thinking when she has a severe migraine". When the head is hurting someone could easily forget a little something that was used before that eased the pain. Write everything down so it will be at the fingertips. Next, pick something to store these items in. Doesn't matter what it is.

First put all the migraine medicine in it.

  • That includes prescribed medicines, or over the counter medicines.
  • Don't forget medication for nausea. If there's no medicine for nausea, have your headache specialist write out a prescription. The symptoms(nausea)of migraines are sometimes as bad as the pain.
  • Make sure not to keep medicine in the migraine kit after it expires.

A pack of ginger cookies can be a real asset in the car or workplace for nausea.

Next, have a bottle of water in your headache kit.

  • This is in case you become dehydrated (that also triggers migraines) , and also for taking medicines.
  • Slip in a cold compress (ice bag)in the migraine kit, which can soothe headaches, and also a eye mask to shield the eyes from bright lights.

Add your doctors business card just in case he has to be called.

  • Add a small pillow, which could come in handy for resting.
  • Buy an iPod or MP3, and download some soothing music, if music helps to relax, and put this in the migraine kit.
  • Make a list of positive ideas to talk down the level of stress, and other triggers that you have trouble controlling. Last but not least, print out, and review some relaxing techniques.

An example of this would be breathing slow, and deep, so the body and mind will slow down. Muscle relaxation that focus on one group of muscles at a time, and also a mental visualization of where you would like to be. Something you love to do, a place that you enjoy going to.

Recognized migraine triggers, or headache triggers.

  • Keep on a regular eating schedule. That simply means to eat at the same time every day, and skipping meals are a no-no.
  • Recognize food triggers if there are any. If going to a dinner party, or work function, refuse anything that would trigger a migraine. (maybe alcohol)
  • If light is a migraine trigger, invest in a pair of UV-safe sunglasses, and try to wear a hat that will shield the eyes from the sun.
  • If lights bother you at work bring your own desk lamp. Don't squint, and pay attention to eye fatigue.
  • If not getting enough sleep is a migraine trigger get seven or eight hours a night, and don't have erratic sleep schedules.
  • Go to bed and get up at the same time even on weekends to avoid triggering a migraine.

Although the above isn't in the migraine kit, preventing a migraine is much less painful than treating a migraine.

These kits should be at each place that a migraine sufferer spends most of their time. That being at home, work, and in the auto. If this kit is put together, even at home you won't have to round up what it may quickly take to help in the relief of pain. Migraines sometimes strike rather quickly, and one won't have to look for what's needed. It's just a way to organize what is needed.

Thanks for reading, we hope this will help abort that migraine quicker.

Our last page is about natural migraine relief, and our first page is giving info on migraine remedies.. Home page from migraine kit.

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