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Seems like new migraine information sounds like old info, doesn't it?

While twenty eight million suffer with this disabling disease, around 95% are helped by doctors. For some reason the other five to ten percent struggle each day with this painful disease with no relief. This may be due to not finding a headache specialist that makes the correct diagnosis as where the problem is coming from. With somewhere around three hundred different causes for the head to hurt that takes the dedication of the doctor and you. A migraine trigger could be anywhere from a food, to inflammation due to nerve damage.

It's said that 45% of headaches stem from the neck area, and 85% of daily headaches come from to much pain medicine.

Migraine information is so vast one could read for quite awhile on them. That's really a great place to learn about migraines. This knowledge will help migraine sufferers learn more about their headaches, and what can be applied for relief.

Do I have a migraine or just a headache?

While forty five million people have tension headaches, many of these are migraine sufferers also. Tension headaches have less worrisome symptoms than migraines, and respond to OTC medicine. Migraines are intense with throbbing pain, and if left untreated can last several days.

Migraines strike three times more women than men. One out of every three can expect to have classic migraines. That leaves around eighteen million that suffer with the common migraine. Classic migrineures have the aura or visual disturbances, and that's certainly no fun.

Migraine information on symptoms that one can have.

  • Nausea of some degree
  • Most sufferers will vomit
  • Throbbing pain usually on one side, but can be on both sides
  • Migraine with aura in classic migraine sufferers

Keep in mind that a small percent of migraine sufferers have complicated migraines, and the symptoms would certainly be more that we have listed. There're sub-types of migraines (all in this site) that have frighting symptoms that demand trips to the ER.

What causes migraine attacks?

Migraine triggers are real. For some sufferers, attacks can proceed something that's a no no quickly. In others a day later the attack happens. To name a few popular ones:

  • Missing meals or not having a good pattern of sleeping
  • Stress is truly a migraine trigger
  • Certain foods, and beverages
  • Menstrual cycle in women
  • Bright lights or loud noise (gets to the wife)
  • Changes in the weather

Once again we're covering the most popular ones. There's a long list of triggers to look at.

Migraine information on migraine treatment.

We hear that there's no migraine cures. Most causes are never found, just treating them with the tested and tried medicines. The cure is based solely on the cause. Treating a migraine when a cause may be found doesn't cut it. Good headache specialist and test may turn up the reason the migraine attacks happen. Most migraine treatments are:

  • Preventive medicines or a combination of them
  • Abortive medicine such as the triptans when an attack is had
  • Botox has been used with some success
  • Nerve blocks are used to pinpoint certain nerves
  • Surgery if all fails to give relief, and a migraine sufferer meets the criteria

The migraine sufferer should take it upon their self to also change bad habits, and take good care of their body. Good sleep habits, cutting back on stress, and a healthy dietary habit can and does help.

Migraine information on alternatives to taking medicines.

Migraine info on tried and tested supplements for migraine relief

You can never absorb to much migraine information. The more you learn, the better to deal with the headaches. Working with a good headache specialist may see quite some time between attacks. We've talked to some, not all though that talk about their headaches and migraines in a past tense.

Thanks for reading, we hope this gave info U needed.

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