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Watching migraine in children can be tough. What can help!!

It's a downer when a loved one, such as the husband or wife has a migraine, and has to suffer with them. But when it's ones own child, or grandchild, it's even worse.

"My Grandson is eleven, and one of his classmates (boy) has migraines."

We don't know how old he was when he had his first migraine, but he has had them for several years now. One of our friends had a Facebook posting wanting prayer for her young girl, (about 8) she had a migraine all day. Depending on the frequency, and severely, doctors can give medicines to children for migraines. And what parent wants their child to have to take medicine?

Natural remedies for children's migraines may take the edge off.

The side effects of medicines for children will probably have some undesirable side effects, and a supplement may be what the child needs. First ask their doctor if he/she could recommend any that may be of some help for the relief for a child's migraines.

Pay close attention that the child's head is really hurting. If little Johnny saw a classmate that had a headache, he/she could come in from school, and say their head was hurting also. I don't have to tell you how much imagination a child has. They all do.

My wife has migraines, and on occasion, the Grandson has said he has a headache. Once my wife went over to get him a Tylenol. But I ask her to pay attention to him. Immediately after saying this, he was laughing and picking at me, and never complained again.

It was pretty obvious he had no headache.

Migraine in children is much greater when both parents suffer from migraines.

If a child's parents have migraines, they'll have a seventy percent greater chance of having migraines also, instead of around thirty percent if one parent has them.

A child can start having headaches at an early age, and can even have the classical migraine with the visual, and the headache. Most children have the common migraine, which has no visual symptoms. Migraine in children will also produce nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, as adults will have.

A child can have migraine food triggers. Pay attention to what the child drinks. I remember reading this years ago about studies were done on what kids consumed at school to see if there was a connection to what they ate and drink, and their headaches.

The children that drank diet drinks in school, and all contain aspartame, had more headaches than the children that didn't drink them.

Some parents let their kids drink diet drinks at an early age, and haven't read about the controversy that goes on about the consumption of artificial sweeteners and health problems .

If a child goes on a diet at any age, this can trigger migraines as well. Their body may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency from being on a diet. We have pages letting everyone know how important minerals and vitamins are to the health and well being of everyone. A deficiency of either can give some people migraines and headaches.

Watch the amount of sugar, and junk food children eat.

Basically a child can have migraines from the very same conditions that may give one to an adult.

You'll have to know everything about your childs migraines. Read some books about children's migraines. One can never be to educated on what may be giving a child headaches.

The warning signs that a child is going to have a migraine attack:

  • If a child is yawing
  • Shows signs of sleepiness
  • Listlessness
  • Craving certain types of food

These are signs they may be going to have a migraine. Limiting foods with high salt content may avoid attacks.

What to do for migraine in children that are to young to talk.

Watch the little one if they are to young to talk. If they are:

  • Agitated
  • Irritable
  • Cry

And you suffer from migraines, start making a connection, their head may be hurting.

Something else to think about. We were saying above about minerals being important.

A woman I know, said when her boy was young (now 40), he started having migraines. She said her mother-in-law started giving him milk of magnesium, and his headaches stopped. For some reason either this was a coincident, or he had a magnesium deficiency.

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We'll take up on the next page about migraine in children. We want to give as much info as we can to help your child's migraines. We know about migraines, and when we hear of a child having them, it's a downer.

Thanks for reading, we hope this page helped you understand more about child migraines. Don't hesitate, take the child to a doctor. Also children have abdominal migraines, so this page is also important to read. Home page from migraine in children. Web site with answers about child migraines

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