Migraine Headaches

by Collene
(New Zealand )

Hi ,I have sufferd with migraine since I was 5 years old, now 61. I take niacin and it works for me. Cheers, Collene

(Thank you Collene for letting us know what helps your migraines.)

Studies as early as 1944 showed that niacin was effective in the relief of migraines.

First off, if your wondering what niacin is, it's a vitamin.

It's also called B-3. It's one of the water soluble B complex vitamins. Here's some of the benefits of niacin other than niacin being used for headaches. It helps you naturally relax and get to sleep quicker at night. And it's also well known that niacin helps reduce cholesterol levels in your bloodstream.

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Best Ways to Treat Chronic Headaches Without Drugs

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Headaches are among the most irritating health conditions. They tend to take up all thought and make you less productive. There are many reasons why headaches become chronic, such as failure to adapt to changing climate conditions, too much caffeine, too much alcohol consumption and a fever. When you come out from an air conditioned room, your head feels stuffy and a headache is imminent. Oversleeping can also cause headaches, especially when you’ve taken a long nap in the afternoon and your body isn’t used to this activity.

If the headaches are regular, get a thorough medical analysis to rule out any other disease. You may have eye problems that are causing the headaches. Doctors can rule out most of the probably underlying diseases, and prescribe proper medication. But using drugs only help for a while. There are some things you can do at home to prevent headache recurrence, and here are some of them.

Apply essential oils from medicinal plants. Aromatic plants have properties that can ease headaches. Some examples of these herbs include: lavender, a known sedative with a mild scent; peppermint, known to clear sinuses; and chamomile, a traditional sleeping aid. These essential oils can be added to warm water for baths. They can also be heated in a burner so that you can breathe in the aroma as the smell fills the room. The most common way to use these oils is to apply a few drops on your palm and spread the oil on your temple, neck and scalp.

Some herbs are also good as additions to your regular tea. Chamomile, in particular, can give you that heady and soothing experience. Let the tea steep and then add the dried herbs while the water is still very hot. Mint herbs also go well with tea.

Use a cold compress when the water is particularly hot, and a hot compress when it’s winter and you’re freezing. Changes in temperature can cause headaches, but application of varying temperatures as compresses can help ease them. Press the wet towel on your nape. Dip the same towel in cold water every few minutes and apply again. You can also use a cold water bottle. For hot compresses, use a wet towel that has been soaking in hot water.

Drink water and eat succulent foods. Sometimes, a headache can be a sign that you are dehydrated. Most fevers develop when your body temperature goes up suddenly and there isn’t enough moisture in your body. Succulent foods include fruits like pineapples and grapes. You can also add lemon to your regular drinking water for your dose of vitamin C.

Exercise out in the open. The fresh air outside your home is good for headaches. In most cases, your head becomes stuffy because of the high humidity inside your house. Exercise helps produce feel-good chemicals inside your body like endorphins. When these chemicals are present, your headaches ease. Exercise also gives you something to think about other than the things that may be causing you stress. Sweating it out will help ease body pains and headaches.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwellNutrition.com. Get Rockwell Nutrition paleo bar df by following the link.

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Help for Migraine Headaches

(Bishopville Md USA)

I have been suffering from migraines for 3 years and I really don't know what to do about it. It's really bothering me.

I have been going to school at my college and I have migraines for 3 or four days. I have been writing down the dates and the pain from my migraines on my migraine chart. I am on the second page.

I have been taking excedrin but my migraines keep comming back. I hope somebody can help me, thanks for listining to my story.

"We're thankful for this migraine sufferer stepping up and asking for help. We would suggest that instead of taking Excedrin often, that they instead try a migraine preventive.

Sometimes rebound headaches can occur from taking pain medicine to often. Several pain pills a week may work. But while in pain, one can forget how often pain medicine is consumed.

For occasional headaches or migraines, OTC pain medicine may help, but when headaches start occurring several times a week, and lasting for days, a migraine preventive medicine may be the best route to travel."

Let's hear it from you guys that read these pages. Your input would be very helpful, and greatly appreciated.

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Michael Cosentino

by Michael Cosentino
(Spokane WA.)

I suffer from Chronic Hemicrania Continua and have had all the tests, tried all the Drugs over 12 years and found that one of the primary culprits in my pain level is (Tyramines).

I have eliminated foods that contain Tyramines and then reintroduced them and within 2-24 hours can increase my pain levels dramatically.

Stress is another factor but I believe Tyramines are causing a reaction in many Migraine sufferers and by managing one's diet you can reduce your pain level dramaticaly.

I currently take a maintenance dose of Indomethacin from 25-50mg on an aveage day and some days take none.
You are correct in your statement that the reaction can show itself many hours after ingestion of foods with the chemical in it.

Some examples: Yogurt, Red Wine, Chocolate, Peanut butter, Red Vinegar, Aged Soy, Miso soup, aged cheese, brown Alcohols etc.

Neuro's are prescribing dangerous drugs with terrible side effects to patients who are in fact having a reaction to foods they are eating.

I have proven this time and again.

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Hi, my name is Missy

I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, and this can give you migraine headaches. I have had this for about 3 years now. It started as my doctor telling me this was just a virus, and it would have to run its course.

A week later I was back at the doctor's office worse than I was a week before. Now they were telling me I had a severe sinus infection and gave me 3 types of medicine. Still a few days later I was no better.

This time when I went back I found my angel doctor.

Let me start by telling you a little about Trigeminal Neuralgia. It affects 3 vessels/nerves in your head, the top part of your head, the top part of your jaw, and the lower part of your jaw.

For me, all 3 of mine were inflamed but did not hurt all at the same time. When the top part hurt if felt like a bad migraine headache, when it hurt around my jaws it felt like a real bad toothache.

I had so much pressure in my head from this that I could not even lay down to sleep, I just wanted to stick my head in a vice and squeeze.

This time my doctor gave me medicine, and within a couple of days the pain was going away. I still have flare ups that can be very severe. At times they can last anywhere from a day to a couple of days then the pain just goes away like it never hurt.

I now take medicine every day for this and pray every day that it does not hurt. For me this is my (migraine headache).

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