Learn the Triggers of Migraine Headaches in Children..

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Migraine headaches in children are not uncommon.

On occasion a child may say they have a headache when they really don't. I've saw my Grandson, not so much now (14), but when he was small, say on occasion that his head was hurting, but in the next minute he was laughing , and playing. We don't know why, but for some reason he said this, and we didn't question him, but it was obvious that his head really wasn't hurting. That's just children's imagination working.

But for many young children, migraines are a part of their life. Headaches in children gives parents the nagging question of....does my child have a brain tumor. By all means, have them checked by a headache specialist if the migraines are often, but rest assured, just as in adults the vast majority of child headaches are not life threatening. But non the less, migraines and headaches in children are like those in adults.

Statistics on migraine headaches in children!!

  • Five percent have migraines.
  • Fifteen percent of children suffer with tension type headaches
  • Thirty percent get non migraine, or simple headaches.
  • Less than five percent of children have headaches because of a serious illness.

Is there such a thing as hereditary migraine headaches in children?

You betcha...Ninety percent of children with migraine headaches have a family history, with either Mom or Dad, or both being migraine sufferers also. If this is the case, your child may be one up on headaches because you've been there, and can offer sound advice, and also comfort.

Children can suffer with auras or visual migraines.

Most children, and adolescents that have migraines and headaches don't get auras. But if they do, the symptoms of migraine headaches in children with auras are commonly:

  • Confusion
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Hallucinations.
  • Dilated pupils.

Also, during the headache phrase of a migraine flareup, some children experience severe abdominal pain, (abdominal migraine) instead of the head pain that adults experience. If you suffer from migraines, and your child had these migraine symptoms (severe abdominal pain), but no head pain, don't forget to mention this to their doctor.

Migraine headache triggers in children can be numerous also. Many are the same migraine triggers that are found in adults.

Top migraine headache in children triggers!!!

  • A change in regular routine such as not getting enough sleep, going on a trip, and some sort of illness can trigger a migraine.
  • Certain foods or food additives can trigger migraine attacks. Up toward thirty percent of children suffer from migraine food triggers. Keeping a diary (print this off) may pinpoint a connection.
  • Teens have been known to experiment with beer, hard liquor, and wine, and it's well known that alcohol expands arteries, therefore causing migraines.
  • Caffeine may be at the top triggering migraine headaches in children. Most children consume to many colas and chocolates not realizing the effects that caffeine has on migraine sufferers. Caffeine is a habit forming substance.
  • Changes in normal eating patterns, such as skipping meals, lowers their body's blood sugar level, causing migraines. Young girls are especially prone to skipping meals.

It can be a job checking the above, below are more to eliminate.

  • Just as in adults, young ones have stress that can be causing migraines. Migraine headaches in children from stress that are in school may be at the top for triggering migraines. Peer pressure, and school work in school aged children is tough. It's your job as a parent to determine what those stress factors are, and encourage enough rest, exercise, and promote some pleasant activities such as hobbies that they may like.
  • On young women, ovulation, or menstruation can cause/trigger migraines.
  • Also talk to their doctor if they're taking any medication at all. Some medications can trigger migraines in children.
  • This is just a reminder. If your child experiences migraines/headaches, and they're on a diet, read about aspartame.

Although aspartame makers say their products are safe, there's much controversy about it. One of the side effects of aspartame is said to be headaches. So be wary if your child goes on a diet, and complains about headaches while consuming this product.

Migraine headache in children remedies for the relief of your child's headaches....

For some families, pharmacological approaches for children may be unacceptable.

For adults, a variety of vitamins, such as riboflavin or B2, COq 10, minerals (magnesium) and even herbal remedies, such as feverfew, have helped to decrease their headache pain. For instance ginger, can help with nausea. Also have Ginger Ale close by, and also buy gingerbread cookies, both will help nausea.

Unfortunately, supplements haven't been evaluated in children. But then to, controlled data for drug therapies for migraine prophylaxis in children are just now slowly beginning to emerge.

Your child could well have something triggering their headaches/migraines, and the sooner you find the trigger for them, the quicker they will have pain relief.

Also as a reminder, by giving pain medicine to often, can and will make their head hurt more often, the same as adults.

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Information about children's headaches will increase knowledge of childrens migraines (last page), and in turn you'll know what to do. Go back to more info on migraines in children. Home page from migraine headaches in children. First page on migraine in children.

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