Know Your Migraine Headache Symptoms..

Migraine headache symptoms can be mild for some to serious for others.

Some migraine symptoms can be frighting, and so severe a migrainuer may have to go to the ER. Some symptoms such as the pain in a status migraine can last for a week in some migraine sufferers, while other migraine sufferers may abort theirs with an over the counter pain reliever. Migraine symptoms vary from one sufferer to another, just as one migraine trigger can give one sufferer a migraine and another migrainuer won't have a a migraine from being exposed to the trigger.

Also, migraine symptoms may not be the same for every migraine one has. All migraines, and symptoms can be somewhat different at times. Around two thirds say they have one sided pain, the rest say their migraines are on both sides, in the neck, or even at the back of the head.

Some symptoms of migraine headaches.

#(1)Nausea, and vomiting are two of the more familiar symptoms with migraines. Around eighty percent are nauseated, and a third of migraine sufferers vomit with migraines. This comes about because of the changes that are taking place in the brain (neurochemical).

#(2)Dizziness with loss of balance are two more symptoms of migraine headaches. About a third of migraine sufferers have these two. Even after the migraines have been aborted, a migraine sufferer may fall more often than other people. The loss of balance may be there to stay.

There are the common migraine and the classic migraine, and sub types with their own symptoms.

#(3)With the classic migraine a common symptom is the aura. It can be frighting, and distort the images in the eyes to the point that if a person was driving they would have to pull off the road.

#(4) Another symptom can be numbness, mimicking a stroke in rare types of headaches. Basilar artery migraine is a rare type of headache that has frighting symptoms also.

#(4)Panic disorders are other migraine headache symptoms. Panic attacks can be had before migraines start, and also after the pain begins. It's the fight or flight syndrome. (My better half had several of these at one time)

If something should trigger a migraine, the chemical changes in the brain, "swelling,and constricting" may give a tingling in the scalp, hunger pangs, and a feeling of being exhausted also. Knowing the signs will be an important part of how fast it takes to abort the migraine.

Symptoms of a tension headache....or is it a migraine?

If a headache feels like a tight band around the head, and more annoying than unbearable, kind of dull, and steady, and doesn't wake one up in the middle of the night, it's a tension headache. If there's no sickness, vomiting, and no vision problems, it's a tension headache.

Several triggers of migraines other than food.

#(1)Migraines can be triggered with physical exertion. Many migraine sufferers have to go on disability because of the relentless pain that is endured when engaging in strenuous activity. Physical exertion can make migraines much worst in most migraine sufferers.

#(2)Sensitive to light, and sound. Blight lights can trigger migraines, even the sun can to, and sound that's to loud will also cause a migraine . Ringing in the ears, and just normal sounds can be to much for migraine sufferers.

#(3)Paints, chemicals, weather changes, alcohol, and even sex can trigger a migraine.

We're just starting to cover migraine symptoms, and our next page will reveal more symptoms of a migraine. Home page from migraine headache symptoms. More info to be found on migraine headache symptoms.

Thanks for reading this page. Also, our other pages on migraine symptoms will cover all the symptoms, some you may never heard of.

As a reminder to all migraine sufferers, if you awake from a sound sleep, and have a terrible headache, and this is you, or a loved ones first, and there is numbness, weakness, or any other strange symptom, call 911. This could be a "stroke".

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