Migraine Headache Prevention That Works For Most..


Migraine headache prevention is top on treatments.

 The more a sufferer strives to prevent migraines, the less pain they'll have to endure . Did you know that migraines increase migraine stroke risk? So preventing a migraine can be a win situation. No more pain, and less risk of stroke. 

When we think of migraine triggers,  we think of something like food or alcohol that can trigger migraines. Stress can trigger tension headaches as well as migraines. But the fact of the matter is, there's many reasons a migraine sufferer can have a migraine attack. That's where the thinking cap comes in handy. It only takes one trigger to start the migraine. Learn all of them, and remember them. It'll take a while but it may save an attack down the road.

Avoid migraine headache triggers.


What triggers migraine attacks in some sufferers will not have the same effect on others. You'll have to find out your personal triggers if there are any. By adding them together can raise the threshold to the point of an attack. Triggers are:

  • Anxiety or depression. 
  • Emotional turmoil.
  • Exertion for some migraine sufferers can trigger headaches.
  • Not eating regular such as skipping meals.
  • Menstrual cycle medications.
  • Irregular sleep patterns. Go to bed and rise at the same time each day.
  • Stress can and will trigger headaches. Even planing a trip for some can cause a migraine.
  • Food and alcohol trigger migraines. Also in the foods, caffeine, MSG (found in processed foods), diary products, and processed meats work havoc on some.
  • Chemicals and scents can trigger migraines.

Our food trigger page has more specific foods and beverages that are know pain culprits for creating head pain. This is known as a migraine headache prevention diet, unlike diets to lose weight.

Various influences combine to produce a headache. Triggers for a migraine are either internal (something that has been put in the body), or external (such as the weather), that contribute to a migraine in susceptible people. Certain physical conditions may also be involved. This is where a specialist can help.

Migraine headache prevention.

  • If there's more than two migraines a month that puts everything on hold, and if no preventives are taken, the doctor will prescribe a migraine headache prevention medicine. 
  • Once you learn all the foods that may trigger a migraine, print off a diary and fill it in to see if any are adding to the pain. 
  • Relax and reduce stress, that works for migraine prevention.

The steps to follow for migraine prevention.

  • Number one: If the headaches are frequent and painful, preventive medicine and abortive medicine will be needed. 
  • Number two: Learn and avoid all known migraine triggers as best as you can. The diary may pin point something. The preventive medicine won't work as well if you're suffering attacks due to some triggers. 
  • Number three: Migraine supplements are tried and tested and work for prevention, also without the side effects. 

Supplements that are used for migraines.

  • Herbs such as feverfew and butterbur work as well as some migraine preventives. 
  • Ginger fights pain and the always present nausea. 
  • Vitamins such as B-2 and B-3 promote headache relief. 
  • Magnesium is helpful for migraines.

For stubborn migraines, prevention will be in your ball park. By abusing migraines it won't make them better soon. We know sufferers that avoid their own personal migraine triggers and don't suffer. But we also know others that know what theirs is and still trip up and have attacks.  This you don't want.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has helped.

Information about a migraine headache is on our last page, or check out what may happen if you don't try migraine headache prevention. You can get a transformed migraine, and we don't want that. Our next page explains about it.  Home page from migraine headache prevention.

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