Can a Migraine Headache Diet Make a Difference!!

By strictly following a migraine headache diet a migraine sufferer can tell if it's a food or beverage that's causing the pain.

A migraine diet isn't to lose weight. People go on diets to lose weight by eating foods that are low in calories. A migraine diets main objective is to eat foods that are not migraine triggers. There's many causes that can contribute to migraine attacks, food being one of them.

Although diets are entirely different from migraine diets, they can certainly trigger migraines in individuals. Diets can throw the body out of whack from vitamin and mineral deficiency, to headaches from diet drinks for some. By not eating enough, low blood sugar can strike, and that can trigger a migraine.

Is there a connection between a fatty diet, and migraines?

There are changes in the level of certain fats circulating in the bloodstream that coincide with the "triggering" of migraines. The fat that is ate in a meal, ends up circulating in the blood stream in about three hours. And migraines start with dilating, and constriction of the blood vessels, by something that triggers them. Here's what the fats in a meal may have done:

  • Circulating in blood are higher levels of blood lipids(fats) Also high levels of free fatty acids,(components of fats).

There's an increased ability of the platelets to cluster together. That's associated with decreased levels of serotonin, and increased prostaglandin levels.

(Serotonin is what Doctors may prescribe in prescriptions hoping this will help someones headache). And for some migraine sufferers that drop in serotonin, triggers a reaction that ends up as the dreaded migraine. I'm guilty of this and so is about everyone. Guess where we received the most foods that are high in fat? (fast foods)

How to apply a Migraine Headache Diet

Simple, change eating habits by:

  • Eat a low fat diet.
  • Limit fat intake to about twenty grams a day. A skinless chicken breast has about that much fat in it.

And about two ounces of reduced fat cheese, or six ounces of low fat yogurt, or one eighth cup of nuts.

These are just examples, but is there anything wrong with the above? The chicken is great, but the other three could be migraine triggers.

  • Low fat yogurt contains aspartame, and that may be a headache trigger.
  • Nuts, and cheese are two more that could cause migraines.

While the fats are being watched, keep the mind open to triggers that may be giving you migraines.

There are a lot of low fat foods to eat. Just limit intake of fat to around twenty grams a day and by watching the food triggers you'll defiantly find out if the migraine diet is going to help..

Thoughts on how to help migraines.

Several things to help are:

  • Eat when you get hungry, but don't stuff.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks during a hypoglycemic reaction.
  • Keep meals balanced with vegetables, beans,and foods that are high in fiber when possible.
  • Limit sodium
  • Chips, and many foods are heavy in salt. That can also trigger migraines.
  • Add more fresh natural foods to the migraine headache diet. In many localities, local farmers markets supply all the fresh vegges and fruits that is needed.

Print off this diary and add the foods that are consumed. It may take a while for the migraine headache diet to work. Some foods may be known, but there may be more that added together gives the migraine attack.

Other migraine triggers to consider other than foods.

They are to name a few:

  • Chemical fumes
  • Noise
  • Bright lights
  • Smells
  • Weather changes
  • Fumes of paint
  • Unvented heaters
  • Insecticides
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Some building materials

High blood pressure, or diabetes is linked to headaches. Have a physical first, to rule out any health problems that could be causing the migraines.

A great way to find foods that aren't migraine triggers is to read recipe books about meals to prepare that won't trigger a headache. Don't forget to give thought to all migraine triggers. There may be more than one that you're exposed to that's raising the threshold to the level of a migraine.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page was more info about a diet for migraines, and our next page is more info about a migraine diet. Home page from migraine headache diet.

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