Migraine Food, What to Eat, and What Not To Eat!!

Finding migraine food that won't give migraines and eating foods and drinking beverages that are noted for triggering migraine attacks should be number one on a migrainers list.

If by some chance a migrainier is having attacks because of certain foods, then taking pain medicine after the attack is never going to help the headaches. The root cause is coming from the foods, and in turn not consuming them could dramatically decrease the attacks.

Keep in mind that not all migraines are caused by foods by far, but it's a cheap and easy way to find out if that's causing the migraine attacks.

Migraines can easily get out of control, and when they do it may take some time to get them back under control. When migraines get out of control, it could be because of just over the counter pain medicine. Eventually that may go on to giving rebound headaches.

Not only avoid migraine foods (foods that can cause migraines) but there're also other habits to avoid. If were're going to do this, let's put are best foot forward. A couple of thoughts come to mind, and that is, don't miss meals especially breakfast, because low blood sugar can trigger migraines, and don't sleep in. It's very common on weekends, and some people have migraines because of this.

You don't want anything else to get in the way of figuring out what it will take to avoid triggering a migraine attack. Those two are also easy to do and doesn't cost anything.

Starting the migraine headache food plan.

The foods that triggers migraines aren't as many by far as the foods a migraine sufferer can eat. It would take several pages to jot them down, but the best way I've found is to read a book that has been written on foods for migraine topics. It's much quicker that surfing the net, and you can go back to the book if there's an uncertainly about a particular food.

Migraine triggers that give migraines aren't the same as when someone who is allergic to peanuts or shellfish , and has a reaction in a few minutes. Migraine attacks can start the next day after something is consumed that's a migraine trigger.

There're several books to choose from, but one that comes to mind is Foods To Fight Pain, by Doctor Neal Barnard. The menus, and recipes are by Michele Sharp .

The Migraine Cookbook: More than 100 Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Migraine Sufferers

This is just one book of a few. All written for the migraine sufferer to avoid triggering a migraine.

Migraine Foods to avoid.

We have what is known as the dirty dozen (not the movie). These are the worst foods for migraines, with the worst at the top. See how many you indulge in, and don't forget the hamburger that we all love.

  • Dairy products, and that includes skim, or whole milk, goats milk, cheese, yogurt, anything diary. On one of our pages we told of a friend that suffered for some time before she realized the cheese was her migraine trigger. Another told of eating a low fat yogurt, and before it was eaten her head started hurting. Took her several meals, and migraines before she made the connection. The aspartame was the trigger.
  • Chocolate can trigger a migraine. Another example was a friend that told me her head would start hurting before she had consumed a bag of M&MS.
  • Eggs can trigger migraines. Who doesn't like a egg sandwich?
  • Citrus fruits can be eaten daily, and not a thought that it could be triggering migraines.
  • Meats, and that includes beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and fish. We didn't say you were going to like this migraine food plan.
  • Wheat (bread, pasta) This is the reason I mentioned a book on what foods that can be eaten. It's much easier than thinking what can I have that won't trigger my migraine.
  • Nuts, and Peanuts are to also be avoided.
  • Vegetables, and fruits such as Tomatoes, Onions, Corn, Apples, and Bananas.

What did the hamburger we all love have on it? Maybe migraine triggers on it, plus the meat that could possibility be a migraine trigger.Top that off with a diet drink,and one could easily trigger a migraine.

Migraine foods should be avoided.

A migraine sufferer may have some foods that are triggering migraines, and also have several other triggers other than the food all adding together to trip up on the headaches.

Although some headache sufferers go strictly by the book, and never find out what is causing their head to hurt, we've also heard from many others that know the foods and beverages such as alcohol that triggers their headaches.

One friend even went so far as to tell about hot dogs giving him migraines, and laughed and said that he still forgot and ate them. It may be a food you love that is to be avoided.

We thank you for reading, and hope this gives you something to think on, what to do to avoid the pain.

Our last page was about a diet for migraines, and our next page gives info about a migraine diet. Lot of info on this subject. Home page from migraine food.

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