Migraine Food Triggers..Could This Be The Problem..


Migraine food triggers can give migraine attacks.

All headaches, whether they are so called sinus, tension headache, stress headache, or the dreaded one,"migraine headache", could be triggered by food or beverages that are consumed everyday.

You may not get a headache soon after food is consumed. It may be a day or so before one has a migraine attack. And that makes it harder to remember what we have eat, or drank the day before. Many people endure nearly constant headaches, never dreaming the cause could be something in their diet, something we all love to eat.

If you have a child that is having headaches, and they've went on a diet, their headaches can be caused by the change in eating habits, and go unrecognized, and it's pretty common in young ones.

If you have the severe type of headache known as migraine (my better half has these) than migraine food triggers are a particular worry. The same foods that trigger a migraine, can also trigger less severe vascular headaches. All stress, sinus, and tension headaches are milder versions of the big one "migraine".

Headaches all stem from the same brain biology, and are called vascular headaches.

If something triggers headaches such as a food, then diet has to be considered a culprit in all such benign headaches.

Example of food and scent causing migraines.

On another page I told about two friends that had migraines.

One found out that aged cheese (loved to snack on it) and the others migraine was triggered by her sons cologne.

It's believe that out of around forty five million headache sufferers, and twenty eight million migraine sufferers (just in the USA alone) there are millions that suffer from migraine food triggers. You may not get a headache soon after you consume something. It may take up to a day. That's why it's so important to keep a migraine diary. Just print it off and keep track of the migraines, and what was consumed up to a day before the attack.

Some triggers one has no control over, such as the weather, strong odors, bright lights, and your menstrual cycles.(In women)

Many foods, food additives, and other food-related constituents contain chemicals that affect the constriction of cranial vessels that triggers the migraines.

Foods that may trigger migraines in some sufferers.

  • Tyramine, found in some cheeses, red wine, pickled fish, and certain types of processed meat.
  • Chocolate,cocoa and carob.
  • Nuts (including peanut butter even though peanuts are not a nut, but a legume)
  • Citrus fruits, bananas, figs, red plums, and raisins.
  • Beans
  • Fruits such as bananas, citrus fruits, and avocados. 
  • Pickles, marinated food.
  • Dairy product such as aged cheese, sour cream.
  • Fermented products such as soy sauce, and breads with high yeast content.
  • Processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage bacon, and ham. 
  • MSG found in most processed foods especially in canned soups.

A migraine attack may not happen from eating one food that triggers migraines, but if one of the triggers is red wine, and a glass is consumed, and top it off with a big piece of blue cheese, and add that to a stressful day, then bingo, that may produce a terrible migraine. A small amount that you consume may not give a migraine.

Migraine food triggers may be because of what you drink instead of what is eat.

When it comes to migraines, better to put on a pound than drink diet sodas.

If you were to go solely by the information about aspartame that you can find on the Internet, you might very well think this product was created by the devil himself.

But if there's any chance the migraines may be from drinking this, stay away from it.

I also think that aspartame is highly addictive, believe it or not.

When you drink one, not long after that you want another.

You can Google aspartame headaches, then sit back and read for a long time. You'll be amazed at what you find out. Aspartame also goes by the name of NutraSweet.

I'll let you be the judge on this. I'm giving a link to look at. It has a great deal of information in it.

Alcohol is considered another migraine food trigger.

Another of the migraine food triggers, but in liquid form is red wine, champagne, dessert wine, rose, white, and beer. They have histamine in them.

  • If sensitive to dust, pollen, or any foods, the body makes extra histamine, then if you consume red wine, or even champagne, two much histamine can give a migraine attack.
  • Fragrances, smoking, and stress, can also trigger migraines. The things that can be controlled that are triggering headaches can be controlled by you.

The others, like the changes in the weather, that one has no control over, are a bit tougher.

Blood test for the migraine food triggers.

Certain foods can be eliminated to find the ones that are triggering the migraines, such as our friend finding out about the aged cheese. But a Doctor can arrange special blood tests that are much faster. The skin patch is of no use when testing for migraine triggers.

If the migraines persist, supplements such as herbs, vitamins, and a mineral called magnesium may help. Not all migraine sufferers will find that foods are triggering their migraines. But we have heard of to many to ignore the fact that many are having migraines because of what they put in their bodies.

None of these supplements are dangerous, but the diagnosis and treatment of migraines sometimes require both medical expertise(make sure you have a good headache specialist) and life style changes.

Our next page is on a migraine food trigger for some, and it's what we all love, chocolate. More migraine triggers, and what causes migraines. Our last page is on magnesium migraine. Home page from migraine food triggers.

Thanks for reading, check the food and drink triggers.

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