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Migraine disability can be won for chronic pain from migraines.

Disability for migraines is for the five to ten percent of migrainures that find no relief from their migraines using the tried and tested methods that help most sufferers. There's probably up toward two to three million migraine sufferers just in the United States that find it hard to function each day, let alone going out and making a living in the workforce. 

Short story here. My wife's third migraine surgery is coming up. While we were waiting in her doctors office, several more were in for surgeries. After one woman went in, her Mother and I were talking, and she said that she was helping pay her Daughters house payments. Said her Husband worked all the time but money was stretched.  

When you see a migraine sufferer that has had surgery to try to relief their migraines, you have saw one of that five to ten percent of migraine sufferers that have found no relief in the conventional methods of treatment that's used to help control migraines.

I politely asked her if she was receiving migraine disability. She said no, that she wouldn't be able to receive disability for migraines. I then asked her if her Daughter had ever worked to which she replied, yes up until a few years ago before the migraines took over. I then told her to go home, and research disability on the Social Security website. Then I gave her some steps to follow before her Daughter applied for disability because of her migraines.

Is there a migraine disability test?

No, social security disability applies the same for all. Is the person able to work based upon the facts presented about that persons disability.

First, no one can suffer with migraines for several months, and just assume that because they have migraines, a trip to the social security office is in order. Although all migraines are disabling, a migraine sufferer may be able through preventive migraine medicine,  lifestyle changes, and taking recommenced supplements, to lead a normal life. I'm talking about disability for migraines that either hurt everyday, or very frequently, even though preventive medicine has been tried, and just about every other method known to help migraines hasn't helped.

Doctor after doctor, and still no relief. Sound familiar? Trying to cope with migraines is hard enough, but trying to work while suffering with them is hard, if not impossible to do.

A disability for migraine claim also applies to anyone that sufferers with migraines and  never entered the workforce, maybe because of them. The same applies but instead of applying for social security disability, one would apply for disability, SSI.

Before applying at the Social Security website, remember to:

Read as long as you need to before applying for migraine disability. It's super easy to apply online, and remember to:

  • First thing in order is your medical records BEFORE applying online. Call every doctors office that you've been to about your migraines, and have them fax your records or pick them up. Talk to your present doctor, and let him know if he isn't helping you. Let him know how long you've suffered, and let him know what you're going to do. Ask him if he'll write a letter to Social Security letting them know the severity of your migraines and headaches. That will help if he/she will do that.
  • Before actually applying for migraine disability, have all medical records, think and don't forget any. If you've been treated for depression or anything else related to the migraines, send all records. If you have other aliments that have been treated by other doctors, don't forget, even though these may not be related to the migraines, it all adds up when they're considering your migraine disability.
  • Be as honest with your answers as you can. If you've been suffering for years with unbearable migraines that no doctors have helped, start the process today. 

The reason I said to have all of your medical records, because within a few days after applying online the local social security office will call or send information about dropping off the medical records. You have to take all your records to the closest social security office.

You won't have to make an appointment, just sign in when you get there. Remember, if you add a doctor, or some treatment that you received, and don't have a record because you thought it wasn't irrelevant, they'll send for that record, and it will just take longer for their decision.

If they deny you, and in about 60% of people that apply, they are denied. In that case, look for lawyers that take cases on the bases of, if you don't receive anything, they don't receive anything. When they take your case rest assure, they know you have a good chance of winning. If you don't apply, next year you may still be searching for relief, and not be able to work, and still not receiving anything. You've all to gain by applying for migraine disability, and nothing to lose.

We think this page is important if someone thinks disability could never be received because of a headache. Migraines are a disease and so recognized by social security disability personal.

Thanks for reading, don't delay, open up the Social Security site and explore it.

Our last page is about headache hygiene. Home page from migraine disability. First page on disability.

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