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By following a migraine diet, there's a possibility that the pain level of the migraines may decrease dramatically . But that's only if a food is the migraine trigger.

And if a certain food, or beverage is causing the migraines, less migraine episodes will be had. On our migraine food triggers page, I wrote about two friends that couldn't tolerate aged cheese, or cologne. Once they figured out what was giving them migraines, and eliminated the sources, their headaches disappeared.

Many things that migraine sufferers come in contact with everyday can be one of the causes of migraines. And that goes for what is eat, or drank.

A migraine diet plan isn't the average diet. A diet where you may cut back on high calorie foods, and grab a diet drink with aspartame in it. Aspartame in some people can trigger a headache. There's much controversy about aspartame and headaches, but reports suggest there are many side effects.

This diet will cut out all the foods that can trigger a migraine, with no regard to calories.

I'm in the process of reading a book by David Buchholz, called Heal Your Headache.

This book alone is a good book for migraine sufferers. If one is going on a migraine diet to see if any of the foods or beverages is the migraine trigger, there are many books with recipes on what to fix for a migraine diet. Easy foods to fix.

A migraine sufferer can eat good meals everyday to see if this is the migraine culprit. There are quite a few migraine diet books that may grab the eye. All of them for the purpose of stopping the pain.

To help those migraines.

If you're not familiar with the migraine diet "foods that you can eat", I'll explain what the foods do to the head that a migraine sufferer needs to stay clear of.

If you didn't click at the top of the page about food triggers, please do. Won't take but a minute, and there are quite a few foods, and beverages to look at. I know that I eat the foods that are considered migraine triggers, and do give some headache sufferers headaches.

OK, back to what some foods, and beverages do to the head.

The reason a migraine sufferer has headaches is when something triggers a chain reaction with the blood vessels in their head "The swelling and dilating".

The foods that are listed on our migraine food triggers page are directly responsible for triggering that chain reaction in some migraine sufferers, and by following this diet these foods are eliminated.

Migraines can also be from high blood pressure, or other physical aliments that could be wrong, but if a person has been to a Doctor, and he/she said there was nothing wrong with them physically that should be giving a migraine, than these foods that are listed on the food trigger page should be given some attention.

For around ten bucks, I paid a few dollars more at Barns & Noble book store, one can read about the foods to fix each day that will not trigger migraines.

A person has many more foods on the migraine diet to eat, than the foods that they need to stop consuming each day to see if that helps the migraine attacks.

Unless you study, and learn these foods you won't know what to prepare to eat to keep from having a migraine. If the wrong foods are consumed, one could trigger a migraine, and we learned in other pages that what one consumes today, may not give a migraine until the next day. That's the reason many migraine sufferers don't make a connection on what they eat may be what's triggering their headaches.

My wife has migraines, and I'm always telling her this. You have to do everything you can to help them. Your Doctor may miss something that you are doing every day that is raising your threshold to a level that is giving you headaches. You have to take the bull by the horns, and do everything to help yourself. Because you deserve to be pain free to.

Our next page is on migraine food. Home page from migraine diet.

These two links on migraines should give more info.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this has helped.

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