A Migraine Diary May Expose the Migraine Trigger..

By using a Migraine diary you may find a link.

A diary for migraines may unlock the answer to the headaches or migraines. Why should anyone keep a diary for their headaches? When activities are jotted down such as the events leading up to the migraine attack, over the course of several months, depending on the frequency of the attacks, a pattern may emerge. When a migraine attack occurs, triggers can be easier identified, and without a diary it would be harder to make a connection. Something such as missing a meal, stress, or a certain food or beverage, may escape attention.

How can a diary help control migraine attacks?

As the diary is looked at each time a migraine occurs, from a few hours to a day earlier may hold the answer to the pain. Something that is added to the diary may emerge over and over each time a migraine attack is had. If the migraine attacks become more frequent, with lifestyle changes and keeping a diary will be encouragement to persist in the treatment of the migraines. Some migrainures find out they can have more that one thing triggering their migraines. When added up can work havoc on the head.

Can changing ones lifestyle help migraines?

Any chronic condition (migraines) responds better if you learn how to control that condition. And with migraines, triggers will have to be found to prevent migraine attacks, period. By learning migraine triggers, and then avoiding them, migraine frequency will be reduced, and by taking migraine preventives, some migraine sufferers may be able to reduce or cut out the medicine.

But all of this takes work. Migraine sufferers may say they have headaches due to the stress in their life, and that's probably so. But if there's no migraine diary, you won't know if something else is in there triggering those migraines.

What could a diet or a change in your lifestyle have on migraines you may wonder.

By avoiding as many migraine triggers as possible, a reduction in the frequency of the migraine attacks may be seen.

Identified triggers to pay attention to for migraine relief!!!

These are in no particular order. Each migraine trigger could be different for each migraine sufferer, and there are also more migraine triggers than these. That's why a migraine diary is so important.

  • A food or beverage can trigger migraines. They can be read or copied on our migraine food triggers page.
  • Missing a meal can trigger a migraine.
  • Anything that puts undo stress on you is a migraine trigger.
  • Sleep changes account for many having migraines. Keep sleep habits the same, seven days a week if you can.
  • Always make sure a bottle of water is with you. Dehydration can trigger migraines.
  • Avoid loud noises, bright lights, and pay attention to different odors.
  • High blood pressure in some people, along with other medical illnesses can trigger migraines.
  • Some medications can trigger migraines, and the overuse of pain medicines can, and does give many everyday migraines.
  • For you women only, and accounts for many having migraines, is menstruation. Of course you know when, and if this happens, make sure you're prepared.
  • Watch those carbs, because eating meals loaded with carbohydrates can trigger migraines.
  • Flying, or an altitude change can trigger a migraine, and also one migraine trigger with no control over is the change in the weather. (One of our church members says she knows when the weather is going to change because she gets a headache.)

There's around three hundred causes of headaches, and the same causes can produce migraines. While we're familiar with many things to avoid, many also are off the wall triggers. We hear about some we never imagined would cause migraine attacks. But for that one individual it causes pain. For half (50%) of migrainures their pain relief is found by them. Books are a good way to learn quite a bit about headaches and migraines.

A migraine diary (printable)comes in handy. You have every move you've made, also all food and drink, and maybe something you've done that would've slipped by, will be caught. Jotting down in a diary will be much better that trying to remember yesterday while suffering with a migraine today.

Thanks so much, please print off this diary for your use.

Let's slip back a page to see if we have more info on a diary for your migraines. Home page from migraine diary.

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