Migraine Cures By Applying Treatments That Work.

Migraine cures.....Is there such a thing?

If someone has a tendency to have migraines they're always going to be subject to having them. But preferably push them in the background. To cure migraines, a migraine sufferer and their headache specialist will have to work together. Doctors will never tell their patients everything they can do to prevent migraines.Their time just won't allow it.

About 50% of putting migraines in the background will be left up to the individual person. Each sufferer may have their trigger or triggers and that will be the key to unlocking the power to self helping migraines. Not to say the headache specialist won't do his/her part. For 95% of migraine sufferers preventive medicines reduce the frequency and also the painfulness of migraines.

There's no magic for curing migraines, just hard work.

There's more migraine triggers/causes than freckles on a Raggedy Ann Doll. For some migraine sufferers, they know what triggers their migraines, and they cave in to their weakness anyway, and are blessed with a migraine. These are the ones that have an easy migraine cure. For other sufferers, trips to the doctors, and even headache specialist, end with mixed results.

To cure a migraine, one has to go deeper, and put forth 100% to their headache cure. In a very high percent of migraine sufferers relief can be had by changing lifestyles. Good eating habits are also essential for migraine sufferers.

One step to migraine cures is to read about them and be educated on them.

A migraine sufferer should learn:

Learn all of these, and with a headache specialists help, every migraine sufferer will be one up on their migraines. There are many migraine triggers that a migrainure may come in contact with each day without giving it a thought. Print off a diary, fill it in each day and when there's a migraine attack compare it to the last one and see if anything stands out.

I know that you've talked to people (we have) that will mention that they haven't had a migraine for years. Especially older women talking about their menstrual. They had a trigger for migraines. "But everyone doesn't have that one".

Some migraine sufferers take preventive medicine that just doesn't do the job. If it doesn't, let the doctor know, it doesn't serve any purpose in taking medicine if the medicine doesn't help.

Here's what a headache specialist told my wife "at a headache clinic". The more you take care of yourself, and eat right, then the more your preventive medicine will work for you.

Since there's no one magic pill for migraine cures the key is to prevent.

This is where the process of elimination has to be applied. Ways to prevent migraines are:

  • Avoid foods that are known migraine triggers
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn to relax
  • Take a migraine preventive if all other methods are met with resistance.

There're some great supplements, and vitamins that relieve headaches and are doctor recommenced. Also CoQ10, Feverfew, Butterbur, and much talked about Migrelief. A mineral that migrainures are found to be deficient in, is magnesium. This can cause the head to hurt. When looking for migraine cures, go the limit, keep looking and eliminating until the problem is found.

By finding the source of the migraine a headache cure is then had. With around three hundred different causes that can give headaches one can see how frustrating this can be. Most doctors have their own headache treatment regime they do. That includes medicines. They won't be the one to look for what is giving migraine attacks. Headache cures will be up to your knowledge of how much you have learned about headaches.

Do find a good headache specialist, and work close with them for a migraine cure.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page covers more details on a migraine cure. Home page from migraine cures. Link on headache cures.

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