Migraine Cure By Learning How to Prevent Them..


A migraine cure isn't here yet.

Each migraine that's prevented is one cured migraine. That's the only way to look at it. Education and a good headache specialist will probably put you on the right path for a headache cure. By using the resources available today, such as preventive medicine for migraines and natural approaches,  a decrease in the frequency and severity will be had. 

The more the blood vessels are quite in the head, the less  pain will be experienced.  If those nerve endings stay inflamed all the time, it won't take much to trigger a migraine. 

Diet Drink

Migraine cures by studying and learning what can cause them.

Most of the time a family history of one or both parents will more than likely be passed on to the child. That may be the reason you suffer with migraines. What we're about to add as migraine triggers may not sound like many, but if broken down can include many things to trigger migraines such as:

  • Certain scents and chemicals. 
  • Changes in sleep pattern and stress. This applies to each individual sufferer.
  • Menstrual and birth control pills trigger headaches in a high percent of women. 
  • Certain foods out of many foods. They're many foods such as the ones that have MSG (canned soups) , processed meats such as all hot dogs, sausage, bacon, and ham. 
  • Diary products such as milk, and aged cheese. 
  • Alcohol and artificial sweeteners.
  • Some fruits and fresh yeast-risen baked goods to name a few.
  • Emotions such as anger stands out as being a trigger of migraines.
  • A smell, light, or sound sensitivity can also turn into a migraine trigger when exposed for a lengthy time.

We've heard of such foods as milk, peppers, aged cheese, colognes in scents, over indulging in alcohol, headaches caused by using to much caffeine which is a stimulation. Pizzas can trigger migraines because of the cheese, and how many of us don't indulge in this food.

There's also herbal migraine cures used.

A few herbal headache cures used are:

  • One of the symptoms of migraines is nausea. Ginger helps with the sickness and fights inflammation. 
  • Feverfew is a flowering plant that's been used since ancient times to treat migraines, fight inflammation and pain associated with menstruation. 
  • Butterbur is another herb that in studies has been found to prevent migraines as well as some preventives.

Other supplements and vitamins used for migraine cures.

In the line of vitamins are:

  • B-2 and B-3 
  • Also magnesium is found to be in low levels in migraine sufferers, and daily supplements can help headaches. Now enough magnesium can also trigger headaches. 
  • CoQ10 is also recommenced for headache  relief.

One example of someone doing exactly what should be done.

Heal Your Headache -- Done!!!5

February 27, 2008: I'm still going strong after three and one-half years. I am generally sticking with Dr. Buchholz's program and try to avoid caffeine, nitrates and other foods with multi-syllable preservatives. In addition, my wife and I try to eat organic foods whenever we can, and this seems to be extremely helpful in avoiding most of my known food triggers. Finally, I now drink a lot more water every day than I used to. When I get a migraine, I tend to get extremely dehydrated. 

I specifically drink Glaceau SmartWater when a headache comes on and when I am recovering after a headache, and this seems to help by restoring electrolytes to my system. By the way, keeping a migraine diary is critical. Every time I get a headache, my wife notes what I ate and drank within the past 12-24 hours, how much sleep I got (too much or too little), etc. I'm still not cured completely, but my quality of life has dramatically improved over the past couple of years.

May 7, 2007: It has been over two and one-half years since I got with Dr. Buchholz's program, and I am still relatively migraine free. Once again, I try to stay away from caffeine and any foods with nitrates/nitrites and other multi-syllable non-natural preservatives (e.g., MSG) that clearly can not be good for you. Also, I no longer use any big-pharma migraine meds. Bottom line: My migraines continue to be relatively infrequent and much more manageable.

Other natural cures for migraines are.

When conventional medicines fail to give adequate relief alternative methods may be used such as:

Acupuncture, chiropractor for neck related migraines, and biofeedback for migraines can be quite helpful. Also hypnoses for migraines can be tried for relief. Also there's magnetic migraine cure that's used and said to bring relief. 

About the best migraine cure is to prevent them. Learn what can give migraines, then take tried and tested supplements to start with. About 50% of migraine sufferers help come from them learning about migraines.

Thanks for reading.

Use a migraine diary to make a connection on the attacks.

Our last page is more info on migraine cures and our next page is info on pillows. Pillows can bring relief from neck headaches, and migraines. Home page from migraine cure. Site with more info.

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