Migraine Causes!!!!!Let's find Em..

Migraine causes can be quite complex.

Is the imbalance of serotonin your migraine cause, or is it inflammation of blood vessels, or is it just a food?

In order to obtain migraine relief, and find headache help two things come to mind. #(1) Let your doctor determine what is causing your head to hurt if he/she can, or #(2), take the bull by the horns, and try to find them yourself. We know that if you knew what your headache causes are, the head pain would be history.

Let's define the difference between causes of migraines, and the triggers that end up giving you migraines and headaches.

Most, including myself think of causes of migraines, and triggers of migraines as one and the same. There is a difference though. Triggers such as food, stress, red wine, and quite a few more things can trigger a migraine.

But in a non migraine sufferer that sure wouldn't give them a headache, would it? Why don't non migraine sufferers heads never hurt, and yours does?

So what comes before a trigger?

You have to have a underling cause. What are some of these migraine causes?

Just as with cancer, and heart trouble, migraines have long been recognized as a serious problem. For well over a hundred years scientists have been trying to discover the cause, to give headache sufferers relief.

And what do you still suffer with?

Heart trouble, and cancer have made great strides in the last few years, but there are still literally millions that are still seeking migraine relief because migraines are so complicated.

Although we have learned a great deal about migraines and headaches in the last few years, there have been no final answers.

Out of all diseases, could migraines and headaches be the most complicated of all? When the answers are found they may be something like this.

Not one single factor is responsible for causing migraines and headaches.

The migraine types are different, as well as the genetic backgrounds, and the symptoms are different. So therefore the migraine treatments are different.

There are five facts that are known about the cause of migraines, but no agreement on a single way that a migraine is produced.

Here are five facts on migraine causes.

#(1)One is that your brain compared to a non migraineurs behaves differently. Your brain is hyperexcitable to visual and sound. Your brain wave pattern is different.(A headache specialist recently told my wife this one, kind of out of the blue, as if we didn't know.)

#(2)Fact number two. The cause of your aura or visual with your migraine if you have this type, is the increased electrical activity that moves across the surface of your brain, followed by a loss of activity.

The increased activity is the bright lights seen in typical visual aura, and the decreased activity is visual loss, or the dark gray spots that you can't see through.

I'm giving you the actual migraine causes, what's inside of you that causes your head to hurt.

#(3)Fact three is, you have a migraine generator, although this has never been proved.

This area of your brain receives input from emotional and sensory areas, and sends impulses back to certain areas in your brain.

Fibers then carry pain info to the migraine generator which migrates on to the blood vessels, and you know what happens then?

#(4)Then fact number four is an inflammation of the blood vessels which cause them to dilate and leak causing them to be more reactive. Then you have what? Right, a migraine headache.

#(5)Fact five on migraine causes is that people that have migraine attacks develop scalp sensitivity, and also pain when they bend over, strain, or shake their head. This wouldn't bother you if you didn't have migraines. (My wife's scalp is often tender.)

Those were the inside causes of migraines, the generators of your migraines.

Now for the migraine causes or triggers that give you a headache that are outside of your body but can push the wrong buttons once they reach your head.

Small things (that don't really matter unless it's happening to you) can sometimes seem like big things. Some are over sleeping, late for an appointment, car breaking, or even sitting in a traffic jam. Then there are bigger events such as losing your job (not uncommon anymore),getting married, moving across country, having a baby (women) plus others. Then you could have migraine headache causes such as money problems, trouble at work, or what I think beats out all of the rest hands down. And that could be a health problem.

One thing to remember is that no one knows for sure what specifically causes migraines in one particular person.

It's though that many factors come together to trigger a migraine attack.

Example!!! One is stressed out when they come home from work. They can feel a small headache. They drink a beer, and eat something that they unknowing can't tolerate.

Later they could have a migraine due to raising their migraine threshold to a unacceptable level.

We hope this helped find your migraine causes, and also explained a little on the triggers and headache causes.. All the best on those migraines.

Our next page is on cause of migraine headaches, and our last page covers what causes migraine headaches also. Between all of these pages much info is found.

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