Menstrual Migraines.. What Will Help..


Menstrual migraines are experienced in over half of women migraine sufferers.

It's often thought that these migraines are brought on by too much fluid in the body, or the bloating associated with PMS.

These migraines are actually triggered by the sudden drop of estrogen in the body, the increase in prostaglandins when the endometrial lining is shed, and the drop of magnesium.

That increases pain signals, and inflammation in the body.The sudden drop of magnesium which occurs before, and during the period, could also give a person a migraine. If you are deficient in magnesium, headache attacks are experienced by some sufferers.

Premenstrual migraines also regularly occur during, or after the time when the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, decrease to their lowest levels.

First and second line of treatment for menstrual-migraines.

By taking these over the counter antiflammatory pain relievers such as:

  • Aleve
  • Ibuprofen
  • Advil
  • Motrin
  • Ponstel

 Taken on a regular basis a few days to a week out of each month as needed (works well for cramps to). You may have already tried that.

If it helped, but there's still something needed, ask the Doctor for a preventive medicine. These can be taken on a regular basis, or a few days before the period. There're many medicines to take, but if for some reason the side effects of what has been prescribed are to worrisome, let the Doctor know. Hormonal driven migraine menstrual attacks are the worst and most stubborn of all migraines.

Third line of treatment is ergot preparations

There's the miracle medicine to abort migraines, the Triptans. Imitrex works wonders for migraines. They work by going directly to the blood vessels in the head. They now have one triptan that has been developed that seems to work better for menstrual headaches.

It's called Favotriptan.

This may be what is needed if the Aleve, and the preventives still are leaving you in discomfort. Favotriptan works better for migraines caused by menstrual because menstrual migraines last longer than migraines and favotriptan last longer than the other triptans.

Preventives for migraines, or hormonal headaches.

Some preventives a Doctor may give would be:

  • Small doses of ergotamine 
  • Beta blocker drugs such as propranolol "Inderal"
  • Anticonvulsants 
  • Calcium channel blockers.

These drugs should also be started two to three days before, and continued throughout the menstrual flow. We have more info on our next page on menstrual migraines.  Home page from menstrual migraines.

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