Is Menopause Migraine Just to Much?"HELP"

Menopause migraine is a troublesome time for many women that suffer with migraines.

Not only cursed with the many uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, but then there's the pain of migraines. If all of this is overwhelming , seek the advice of a doctor.

The cause of migraines at the time of menopause.

Estrogen, and progesterone levels plunge. Many women have been helped, and some have completely recovered from menstrual, and menopause migraines from using the progesterone patch. Upon a doctors visit, most likely he/she will recommend it.

Early symptoms of menopause other than migraines.

They are depression, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, altered libido, and loss of concentration.

After menopause, symptoms to watch for is dry skin, osteoporosis "reduced size", dyspareunia, and even heart disease for some. Be aware of these. Many women are prescribed estrogen to help with the loss of collagen that helps their skin, reduces the rate of bone loss, and several other factors. But remember, if you suffer from menopause migraines, and take estrogen, use the lowest possible dose, because it can make migraines worse.

We have info in other pages about migraines, and how they are so unpredictable.

The same holds true for menopause. Just as with migraines, the symptoms can vary with menopause. Each woman may not have the same ones. In about two thirds of women that have a history of having migraines, in the early postmenopausal stage, the migraines may decrease. But at menopause, the migraines can go in either direction. If the migraines have more intensity, and more frequency than previously, this may be the first signs that you're starting to experience menopause.

Some causes of menopause headaches are..

Anything that contributes to a migraine can set this menopause headache off. The biggest reason though, is the rapid drop in estrogen. But even something as simple as hunger could trigger the blood vessels in the head. Don't cut any corners when it comes to the pain of migraines.

Symptoms of menopause migraine.

These would be the same symptoms that are had in any migraines, the only difference is there's another migraine trigger to add to the long list of possible things that cause migraines. And that is the menopause, and that migraine trigger stays with you for awhile.

#(1)Nausea, and vomiting as with all migraines.

#(2)Increased sensitivity to light, and sound as in common migraines.

#(3)Visual"aura", and distortion such as in classic migraines

#(4)Dizziness as in classic migraines can be experienced.

How to treat menopause migraine?

The first line of therapy for menopause headaches is a combined hormone replacement therapy with estrogen, and progesterone. Make sure to have a well balanced diet because it may make a difference with the headaches.

First, it's much better to prevent migraines than it is to have to abort them, and that may be through discovering all the migraine triggers that is possible, and eliminating them as a possible culprit for the headaches. Even something as simple as a food or a glass of red wine could make the migraines at menopause more difficult.

Take something such as Aspirin, ibuprofen, or naprosyn for the pain. But also watch the amount taken. Pain medicine taken on a daily bases could make the migraines worse. If no relief is found by self treating, then a trip to a headache specialist is in order. They see many women that have more frequent and intense headaches due to menopause, and know how to treat them. General doctors may not have the expertise to treat this type of headache caused by menopause. These menopause migraines should have the appropriate treatment. 

Our next page is on migraines and pregnancy, and our last page was about hormonal migraines. Home page from menopause migraine

Thank you for reading, we hope this helped

If it gets to the point where the symptoms of menopause are kicking in, and then migraines often, a headache specialist should be found. If for some reason no preventive medicine has been taken for the migraines, that may work to prevent the headaches. Take supplements such as herbs, and vitamins, and also take care of the body. Watch the caffeine intake, and so forth. Check all food triggers. Print off this migraine diary to keep track of those migraines. Good luck.

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