Moneys Tight And Medicines in Canada Are Affordable..


Medicines in Canada.

For the working class having a disease or ailment that requires taking medicine on a daily bases can result in doing without something else. There're currently millions of people who are either uninsured or under insured  and cannot afford the prescription medications they need, and prices aren't dropping. If you're choosing between basic living necessities, and having life saving medications, you shouldn't have to choose. But for many people it's a  choice they make everyday, and it shouldn't have to be this way.

Why can you buy medicines in Canada cheaper that the United States?


 This is a web site for migraine and headache sufferers to sort through their sometimes complicated migraines. Money that millions of migraine sufferers spend for prescription drugs can run into hundreds of dollars a month for some. You'll find many medicines in Canada at fifty percent, and some up to ninety percent less than in the United States. The reasons are:

  • In Canada, the prices or pharmaceutical are regulated by the patented medicines prices review board.
  • If a new medicine provides an effective therapy for a condition with few therapies available, it would be considered a break through product, and granted a price higher than other new products on the market. But increases in the prices of patented  pharmaceuticals cannot increase beyond the rate of inflation.
  • And in the US, pharmaceuticals are not subject to price regulation. Hence the higher price.   


My doctor said she was buying medicine from Canada for her dog that had cancer. The same medicine that cost a thousand dollars in the United States was selling for around two hundred dollars in Canada. And medicines for humans are the same.

What to do if buying medicines in Canada.

When the doctor writes a prescription out, it's quite easy to take it to the local pharmacy, and have it filled. And that's great, sometimes a person has their favorite, we do. If a few dollars a month is spent in medicines, it wouldn't be worth the effort to buy  medicine from Canada. If taking several hundred dollars a month, then it's well worth calling a pharmacy in Canada to discuss an order.

  • If you've gotten medicine in Canada before then you know the routine. It's quite simple.
  • A fax machine will be needed the first time to fax the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice in Canada. You can find one quite easy to use in your bank or even a store. 

One small thing to remember.

Order the medicine from Canada several weeks in advance,you don't want to run out. It takes a couple of weeks, or up to a month for it to come in the mail.

By purchasing medicine in Canada you may not have to make a choice as what you have to do without. We have gotten our medicines in Canada for years without one incident, and saved quite a lot of money. When needing a refill they even call, and remind in advance.

Thanks for reading, here's to saving some money on medicines from Canada.

Our next page is about migraine headache medication. Our last page covered zoloft-for-migraines. Home page from medicines in canada.

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