Different Medication for my Migraine Headaches..


Medication for my migraine headaches.

All migraine sufferers will eventually end up taking some sort of migraine medication for their headaches. While some over the counter medications such as Advil Migraine have been put together for mild to moderate headaches, don't abuse this product or any other pain reliever. To often migraine sufferers put the cart before the horse. They start by taking pain relievers and over time develop daily rebound headaches. 

If migraines start to become more frequent and the pain gets more severe with attacks, then a headache specialist is in order. They are preferred over doctors in general because of their expertise in headache care. They can diagnose the specific headache or headaches you suffer with and develop a plan for relief.

Several medications for my migraine headaches.

Several types of medication may be prescribed to not only relieve but to prevent the migraine attacks. Keep in mind these medicines would be your doctors call, not ours. Different classes would be:

  • Antidepressants such as Zoloft. Different ones work but Zoloft is often prescribed because serotonin is involved and this is an important factor in the role of migraines. 
  • Blood pressure medicines are prescribed such as Propranolol because of their ability to help the migraine sufferer. 
  • Then there are medicines such as Topomax which is an Anticonvulsant, antimigraine medicine that's often prescribed for migraine prevention. 
  • Headache specialist will precribe a type of drug for migraines to aveliate the pain. The class of Triptans does a great job at doing this. 

Each one of these drugs go in their own class of drugs. A specialist will make his/her call as to which one they will put you on. Remember,  medication for my migraine headaches will come with side effects. You may or may not be able to tolerate some of these. Read the side effects of these carefully before taking. 

Supplements when drugs can't be tolerated.

Ginger Plant

Different medication for my migraine headaches will be prescribed to relieve these headaches. This works in millions of sufferers. Other migraine sufferers would prefer more natural approaches than taking drugs that have many side effects. Doctors often recommend supplements such as:

Migraine prevention for less medication for migraines. 

By striving to prevent migraines, less medication can be taken. The more you learn about migraines and how to recognize their triggers, and also the ones that may be adding to your pain, the less medicine you may have to have.

  • Avoid foods that are known to give attacks. It's thought that about a third of all migraine attacks are food related. 
  • If you know that stress is involved in the attacks, then reduce it and relax more. 
  • Specifically out of the foods, avoid anything with caffeine or alcohol
  • Keep a regular sleep routine each day.
  • Avoid overuse of any type of pain medicines. This can very quickly turn into rebound headaches.
  • Pay attention to scents such as colognes or perfumes, and any chemicals you come in contact with.

One of our visitors pointed out that she could even smell red peppers and have a migraine attack. Another pointed out when he eat hot dogs which have MSG as an additive and causes migraines in some, they gave him an attack.

As we stated above, medicines for migraines won't work as well if something done on a daily bases is a known migraine trigger and you don't know or think about it. Also some people never link their migraines to any one thing that may be causing them. A physical ailment may be responsible for the attacks. It's important to be examined by a headache specialist to rule out other possibilities for the pain.

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Our next page is info about using Zoloft for migraines. Our last page is on using Fioricet for migraines which is a pain reliever. Home page from medication for my migraine headaches.

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