Information on Magnetic Therapy for Migraines..

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Magnetic therapy for migraines.

Research finds that magnet therapy reduces pain from head, and also menstrual cramps.

With conventional medicines being the tried and tested methods of solving the mystery of what can keep migraines from hurting, there's not much said about using magnetic therapy to abort them. We've never heard a headache specialist mention this. Other than prescribing medicines, and on occasion they may mention taking supplements such as vitamins and even herbs, but not a word about alternative treatments for relief of head pain.

Magnet therapy, magnetic therapy, or magnotherapy is an alternative medicine practice involving the use of static magnetic fields.

Does this magnetic therapy really help migraines, and headaches ?

You'll have to be the judge on this one. Anyone having migraines can contest to the pain these headaches give. They may be several reasons to try this type of therapy.

  • One being the preventive medicine isn't working.
  • Side effects of prescription medicines can't be tolerated.
  • Magnetic therapy is quite affordable compared to conventional medicines.

Information and reviews can be found on these magnetic devices.

In 1997 Americans spent $500 million on therapeutic magnets a year. This is a non invasive, non toxin solution, this magnetic therapy for migraines. Russia used magnet therapy during World War II to ease pain, especially from amputation. And at least fifty other countries have approved therapeutic magnets for healing.

Here's what's know so far about magnet therapy.

  • Magnet therapy may stimulate the production of endorphin's (our natural pain killers). "This is the opposite of what happens when someone takes to much pain medicine, the body quits making as much natural pain killers"
  • Magnet therapy enlarges blood vessel diameters, and reduces inflammation. (inflammation makes pain in your head).
  • Magnet therapy speeds up the migration of calcium to help heal nerve tissue, and bones, and gets rid of excess calcium in the joints. This helps arthritis pain.
  • Magnet therapy increases oxygen by increasing blood flow. Our blood is composed of positively, and negatively charged particles.

Studies done at Yale, John Hopkins, and NYU confirm that magnet therapy reduces pain from tendinitis, and arthritis. Other studies find that magnet therapy relives pain from whiplash, and head injuries.

Here's what's said about magnet therapy for migraines.

If you suffer from migraines, magnet therapy may be a safe, effective alternative to drugs or invasive treatments. Also some products to consider are:

  • Magnet sleeping pads
  • Massage's
  • Wraps
  • Bracelets
  • Cushions

Anyone using any of the following implantable medical devices should use magnet therapy with caution because the medical device may not function properly.

  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillator
  • Insulin pump
  • Liver infusion pump
  • Avoid exposure to the magnets.

Studies preformed also show promise for magnetic therapy for depression.

Many migraine sufferers also show signs of depression and magnet therapy is also considered a potential treatment for that. Another plus for magnet therapy. With conventional medicines, an antidepressant is given to help control the migraines. They help with the levels of serotonin and also depression that runs parallel with migraines. And this type of treatment doesn't come without side effects like magnet therapy.

Thanks so much for reading, and we hope this answered your question on magnet therapy to help migraines.

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