What is a Magnesium Migraine?

A magnesium migraine may be due to a low level of magnesium.

Ninety percent of people that are checked, that suffer with migraines, often have low levels of magnesium.

Did your Doctor ever mention this to you? My wifes DR never did, although some did recommend taking COQ10, feverfew, and several other supplements, which we will address on other pages.

Does this mean that your migraines are because of this? Could be. You know that a vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to quite a few health problems.

And to find out if your magnesium migraine is really because of a low level of magnesium, it will only cost you a few pennies to know for sure.

We talked to a woman that said her friend was getting bad migraines, and she had a magnesium deficiency. She said that with a few weeks of treatment her headache stopped.

You need to take five hundred mg of magnesium a day through your diet and a supplement. This could reduce the amount of attacks you get.

But once one gets a migraine, one can't take a magnesium supplement, and take the headache away. It won't have that effect. Magnesium also works well with women as a preventive measure for those that get migraines as part of their menstrual cycle.

As a reminder don't take magnesium supplements or antacids containing magnesium if you have kidney disease

Just think, magnesium is a mineral needed for over three hundred different roles in ones body.

And if you don't get around three hundred and fifty mg (five hundred for your magnesium migraine) sooner or later, one may see the effects of not receiving enough magnesium pop up somewhere "Migraines".

Foods that are rich in Magnesium.

These foods are,"Milk Dark Green Leafy Vegetables And Beans and Nuts"

Many people like to eat out because it's more convenient, or they don't have time to cook, and may not be getting their daily intake of magnesium, and therefore could develop a magnesium migraine.

It's also been found that this supplement may prevent heart rhythm problems, and even help with high blood pressure.

Also, if one has diabetes, and suffer from asthma, it may help.

Other things that you need magnesium for, are preventing osteoporosis, and building strong bones.

Keep in mind that a magnesium supplement can also cause diarrhea, and gastrointestinal upset, so pay attention if you decide to take them.

If you don't have these,then you may be on your way to helping that magnesium migraine.The information for your well being,which is also vital to help your migraines, can be found in this site. One can read just how important minerals in foods are in here.

I'll explain what happens when you have a migraine, and what magnesium does to help this.

Blood vessels in the head are more likely to constrict when the level of your magnesium drops, especially in the present of substances like serotonin".

Some medicines your Dr prescribes, may boost those levels".

The clamping down of blood vessels hinders the blood flow, and triggers a migraine.

Then on top of that, the brain releases different inflammatory substances, then wham, more pain and other symptoms "sick, and so forth" You know the routine don't you?

The blood vessels are less likely to relax on command from the body, and you can not get rid of the pain.

Sound familiar?

Magnesium does many of the same helpful things, that some of the medicines the Doctor prescribes for you do.

Here Is The Reason Your Magnesium Migraine may be helped from taking magnesium supplements

#(1)It Keeps the blood vessels in the brain property toned and open,letting the blood slip and slide"I just threw that in to get your attention", but it really does keep your blood moving smoothly.

#(2) Helps to keep cell membranes stable.

#(3) Helps keep the arteries from going into sudden spasm "migraine".

#(4) It helps to prevent platelets from hanging together and causing your blood to move slower.

#(5) It interferes with substances in the body that causes inflammation.

You can see the reason you may get a magnesium migraine now if your level is to low. It's been known for over seventy years that you have two types of magnesium in your body.

They could check the total, but until recently they could not check the free. And that is the one that has to be checked.

You can find a Doctor to check you to see if your level is low, or you can buy a supplement, and give it a try.

Take it, at least a month to see the results, and you may be surprised. Remember, it's needed for over three hundred different functions in our body.

Remember, you may not be able to take a supplement.

We hope magnesium does help your migraine. All the best.

Our last page was on what causes migraines, and our next is about sinus migraine headache.

Your migraine may be caused by a food trigger, or what you drink.

This web site on medicines may be of interest to you

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