Is there a link Between Magnesium and Migraines?


Magnesium and migraines:

It's been known for some time that there's a link between magnesium deficiency, and migraines. One of the treatments for migraines may be a supplement.

Magnesium is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Even women that get menstrual migraine can be helped for their PMS, and also menstrual pain.

One could be a little skeptical that magnesium migraines can be from a deficiency of magnesium. After reading its functions you'll see that out of twenty eight million headache/migraine sufferers, there may be thousands, or even millions of migraines/headaches because of this mineral.

Here's what a deficiency in magnesium can do to one.

If you're deficient in magnesium it can't counteract the clotting action of calcium on the blood. Tiny blood clots are said to clog up tiny brain blood vessels, thus leading to migraines and:

  • Low brain magnesium promotes:
  • Hyperactivity Nerve excitation

Deficient in magnesium, and having several conditions such as:

  • Pregnant
  • Taking drugs
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Menstruation (women)

Can trigger migraines.

Just a few things that magnesium does to help migraines.

You know that the spasms, and constrictions of blood vessels causes migraines.

  • Magnesium relaxes the blood vessels, and allows them to dilate, thus no spasms.
  • With the right amount of magnesium, the neurotransmitters, and inflammatory substances in the brain are regulated.

These play an important role in migraines when they are unbalanced, and relief when the right amount of magnesium is present.

  • Magnesium also relaxes muscles, and prevents the build up of lactic acid, and along with muscle tension can make more head pain.

You can now see why magnesium and migraines run hand in hand by being deficient.

Out of one study, three thousand migraine sufferers that took magnesium for migraines, eighty percent had a reduction of their migraines.

Below is a study that Dr.Mauskop did. Here is what's said.

Dr. Mauskop has spent close to 20 years researching the link between magnesium and migraines. In the early 1990s it seemed clear that low levels of magnesium in the blood were linked to several types of headaches. By the mid 1990s, a series of studies conducted by Dr. Mauskop, using a new testing technique that measured ionized magnesium had proven conclusively that a lack of magnesium was a factor in several types of headaches. The next step was to determine whether giving magnesium could help eliminate those headaches.

In a blinded study, 86 percent of those deficient in magnesium who received magnesium infusion experienced dramatic relief from their headaches. Dr. Mauskop and other researchers then performed additional studies, all of which found that many headache sufferers had low levels of ionized magnesium, and that taking magnesium (intravenously or orally) offered significant relief.

Magnesium and migraines work together, being deficient on magnesium will make the head hurt, while having the right amount will help. Also preventive (also called prophylactic) treatment of migraines can be an important component of migraine headache management to.

Treatments can take many forms, including everything from taking certain drugs or nutritional supplements, to lifestyle alterations such as increased exercise, and avoidance of migraine triggers.

Your goal is to reduce the frequency, painfulness, and how long they hang with you. One more reason one needs to pursue these goals is to avoid medication overuse which is known to give rebound headaches, which is a common problem among migraine sufferers.

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