Living with Migraines Doesn't Have to Be On The Sofa..

Living with migraines effect everyone in the household.

To have a quality of life like everyone else migraine sufferers have to do two things unless their migraines are moderate and infrequent. There are some sufferers at the low end of migraines. We have a friend that has those types of migraines with aura. Processed meats found in hot dogs, ham, and bacon do this to him. But over the counter pain relievers relieve them.

Those two things that are needed for living with migraines with out suffering all the time are: A very good and well noted headache specialist with a good track record. One that will do more than prescribe medicines if hr/she thinks you need more help for the migraines.

The next thing needed is education about your type of migraine. There're sub-types of migraines that need more attention. Eighty percent suffer with the common migraine and about 20% have migraine with aura. The specialist will have a line of treatment, but the migrainure will have to do their part.

Learn what can cause or trigger migraines and keep a diary. By going back and looking at what was jotted down, even a day before the attack may give something to eliminate.

Living with migraines will be easier by knowing what can cause one.

  • Anger 
  • Stress 
  • Poor sleeping habits. 
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Large amounts of caffeine each day. 
  • Two triggers for most women is menstrual, and taking birth control pills.
  • Some sufferers can not tolerate scents such as perfumes and colognes. 
  • Pay attention to any drink or food (found in over 6,000 products) that contain artificial sweeteners in them. 
  • Missing meals will give migraine attacks. 
  • Watch after eating foods that are well known migraine triggers. 
  • A few are MSG found in most processed foods.
  • Diary products such as aged cheese, some fruits, and fresh yeast-risen baked goods.

Granted it's hard to remember everything that can cause migraine attacks. But if you're a migrainure it may not go away unless they're manage to the best of a sufferers ability. The ball won't always be in the doctors court.

What the headache specialist won't prescribe but may recommend.

On the market today are such products as MigreLief with combinations of herbs, vitamins, and magnesium that specificity targets migraines to give relief. They are:

  • Feverfew 
  • Butterbur 
  • Ginger 
  • Vitamins B-2 and B-3 
  • Magnesium
  • 5_htp raises serotonin levels to relive headaches.
  • Skullcap helps to ease tension headaches. Migrainures tend to also have these overlap with their migraines.
  • SAMe can help with the prevention of migraines but has to be taken for about six weeks to give the full benefit. 

Any of these can be found in Amazon. Herbs have been used many years before conventional medicines came about.

What can be done to live well with migraines.

In my opinion knowledge "reading books on migraines is a good start", about migraines will give the power to recognize and treat them. About 50% of the migrainures help comes through what they learn about them.  Taking pain medicine every day without ever learning migraine causes may make the migraines worse and living with migraines will be unpleasant and painful.

Finding a good headache specialist can make a difference. As a reminder, all neurologist aren't headache specialist and may not have the expertise to treat severe migraine sufferers. A good medical team means that you can let them worry about your head instead of you.

Living with migraine sufferers need support from:

You need people (especially the family) to support you, to love you, to pray for you, and to know that they may not feel the pain, but if they could, they would suffer for you. Remember, let yourself be cared for without feeling guilty. Living with migraines with prayer and faith helps each one of us remember that we're not alone. That helps all of us see small miracles, and smile when we receive them. We  can't understand the reasons for pain and illness, but prayer and faith remind us whatever happens, God doesn't leave us.

Team up with your doctor. Make friends with him/her.  In a recent medical study it showed that patents that were educated by their doctors about treating migraine pain early, reported better results than patents who took medicine but received no information from their doctors. 

Did you also know that out of twenty eight million or so migraine sufferers, there are millions that just take a few pain pills, and never see a doctor? One in four in United States households has a migraine sufferer. More than half of those have never been diagnosed with migraines. There's no need for anyone with migraines not to seek help with all of the new treatments for migraines.

They are legitimate illnesses that can be treated. Living with migraines always requires an ongoing search for a positive quality of life. For migrainures there should be two goals for living with migraines. The first is to deal with medical problem to the best of your ability, and the second is to cope with the ways that the illness affects your life, and lifestyle. And if you succeed at both, you will find ways to live with migraines much better than the migraine sufferer that takes no interest in their headaches other than just taking a pain pill.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page is info on a migraine abortive called maxalt migraine, and our last page covers the trigeminal nerve, which when inflamed can cause migraines. Home page from living with migraines

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