Does Licorice Side Effects Outweigh Taking This Herb!!!!

Licorice side effects is a two part page on Licorice. If you haven't read the first page, much info about what this herb is used for is on it.  If you think of licorice, you may get a picture of sweet licorice sticks to suck on or chew up. We ate a lot when we were kids, just candy treats.  

Most American licorice doesn't contain high quantities of glycyrrhizin. Licorice imported from some countries such as the Europeans have higher levels of glycyrrhizin, enough to produce licorice side effects to worry about.

Licorice is used for so many ailments we made two pages out of this herb. Our last page ended with its treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS. 

Read what else licorice can be used for.

Another use of this herb is for colds and the flu.

Licorice tea soothes a sore throat and relieves a cough. One teaspoon of dried herb in a boiling cup of water.

Other helpful supplements to use are:

  • Garlic, fights infection and enhances the immune system. 
  • Echinacea is used to treat the common cold.
  • Astragalus is a Chinese medicine used to treat the common cold and other viral infections. 
  • Zinc fights certain common cold viruses. 
  • Vitamin C fights viruses and reduces inflammation. 

Licorice is used as a treatment of Eczema.

Somewhere between 2% to 7% of Americans are effected with eczema. Red, itchy patches let you know that you have dry skin caused by an allergy or local infection. Supplements that help are:

  • Licorice because it's both antiinflammatory and antiallergenic. 
  • Evening primrose oil restores GLA levels. 
  • Chamomile has been found to be very effective in reducing inflammation and itching. 
  • Zinc promotes tissue repair.

Licorice is used for relief of heartburn.

Try using:

  • Licorice: Take a DGL chewable tablet three times a day before meals,200 Mg to 300 Mg. 
  • Ginger eases heartburn. 
  • Peppermint eases heartburn by relaxing the muscles involved in the digestve process. 

If heartburn is accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating or anything unusual, go to the ER.

Licorice can be used for Nausea and morning sickness or feeling sick to your stomach.

Helpful supplements are:

  • Take one dose of licorice root tea up to three times a day. 
  • Ginger relieves symptoms of nausea, morning, and motion sickness, and is quite effective in relieving sickness caused by chemotherapy. Take 250 Mg three times a day of capsules or tablets. 
  • Peppermint relieves nausea, and so does Vitamin B6. 
  • Take a dose of Acidophilus three times a day for a week to restore bacterial balance to the digestive track.

Licorice is helpful for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

There're several herbs and vitamins to help PMS, one being licorice. It lowers estrogen and raises progesterone levels and reduces water retention.

  • Dong quai relieves PMs hot flashes and cramps. 
  • Evening primrose oil relieves cramps, depression, and breast tenderness.
  • Dandelion is a mild diuretic. 
  • Chaste berry helps to balance hormone levels. 
  • Vitamin E relieves breast tenderness, headache nervous tension and fatigue. Take 400 IU a day. 
  • Black cohosh reduces depression, mood swings, and cramping. 
  • Magnesium relieves pain and nervousness.  Around 600 MG for a 110 lb woman. 

Dosage information while using Licorice.

While the regular form with glycyrrhizin is recommended for respiratory infections and herpes, the recommended forms for other ailments are powered root in capsules, dry powered extract, and fluid extract. It's also availbe in chewble , tablets, lotion, and dried root. Deglycyrrhizinated is preferred for most people because of the side effects of glycyrrhizin.

 Licorice side effects are possible.

  • AVOID licorice if you have Kidney failure 
  • A history of high bod pressure 
  • Taking medication for a heart problem. 
  • Taking blood thinning drugs. 

Licorice side effects may include:

  • Diarrhea 
  • Mild cases of upset stomach 
  • Grogginess 
  • Headache 
  • Blood pressure increase and edema can occur in some people who are susceptible to glycyrrhizin.

Talk to your physician about licorice side effects if you're thinking about taking this herb to aid in helping some ailment.

Licorice may also enhance the effects of corticosteroid drugs. 

Licorice may help with many different ailments, but don't forget about licorice side effects.

Our last page started with licorice and finished up with the side effects of licorice. Our next page is on the Bilberry, and what it's used for. Home page from licorice side effects.

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