Info About Imitrex Migraine..How it Works..

Imitrex migraine is prescribed to abort migraines that are starting or in progress.

Imitrex is one of the triptan family. These drugs are the top ones when it comes to stopping migraines in the shortest amount of time of all the pain medicines.

And work well they do. I've seen my wife have terrible migraines, along with some of the other symptoms, and within a couple of hours after taking an Imitrex, you could see quite a difference in her.

Imitrex for migraines is one of the best migraine treatments to abort migraines that a migraine sufferer can take. Triptans are highly effective for migraines, reducing the symptoms or aborting the attack within thirty to ninety minutes. Triptan drugs such as Initrex are only recommended after pain relievers such as aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory drugs have failed to relieve the symptoms of the migraines.

Imitrex Migraine works by narrowing blood vessels in the brain, which helps to relieve migraines.

The Triptans are a treatment suitable for most migraineurs. After taking Imitrex, the most common adverse effect is a recurrence of the migraine. A second dose is taken only once in the same day to be safe. Triptans have few side effects if used in correct dosage.

Names of the Triptans

The Triptans include sumatriptan, which is "Imitrex", Imigran, Cinie, Illuminant, and Migriptan), rizatriptan goes by Maxalt.

Then there is naratriptan, goes by Amerge, and Naramig, zolmitriptan, goes by Zomig, eletriptan, goes by Relpax, and almotriptan Axert, Almogran, and frovatriptan 'FROVA".

As you can see there are quite a few of the Triptans, and about all are effective for aborting migraines.

Although they work well, there are side effects of the triptans for migrainures to pay attention to.

Check with the doctor if any of these most common side effects for Imitrex migraine doesn't go away in several weeks, or becomes bothersome.

#(1)The most common side effect of Imitrex is tingling and nasal discomfort.

#(2)Weakness, heaviness, tightness, heart palpitations, feelings of cold or being hot, flushing, and eye problems are less common side effects.

Before using Imitrex migraine, read every bit of information about it. The safety of using Imitrex over four times a month for headaches has not been established. With liver disease the lowest dose should be taken.

While treating migraines, each migraine sufferer should always keep an open mind about what could be causing their migraines. While many sufferers never find what triggers their migraines, many find that migraines can be caused by something as simple as foods or beverages. Two much caffeine can be another reason some people wake to headaches. Also taking to much pain medicine can account for 85 out of every 100 that have daily headaches. So never stop looking for that trigger. Abort them if nothing else works, but no use in starting one if the cause can be found. Don't trust the doctor to do this. About 50% of migrainures help their own headaches by tracking down their triggers, and avoiding them.

Which one wins ? Brand name Imitrex, or Generic.

The pros, and cons.

For every one that says that the generic Imitrex Migraine doesn't work as well as the name brand, you'll find just as many that says it does. It just depends on the individual. One big difference is the price. Ask the pharmacist to give the generic. They may not if not asked for. It's been found that many suffer needlessly with migraines without taking an abortive. A few haven't taken Imitrex migraine for their headaches because they haven't heard about it, or it costs to much.

A systematic review concluded that Triptans cost, typically $25 USD per oral dose and $71 for injectable (2008) and up to two doses per headache, is a serious problem for low-income and middle-income people. In most non-US countries these costs are considerably lower — typically $5–10 per dose.

An imitrex migraine, or imitrex for migraines takes the edge off. Don't forget to ask for Generic Imitrex if insurances don't want to pay.

Please be aware that Imitrex taken to often can cause migraines to be more frequent, and also more intense. As with all pain medicine, rebound headaches are an undesirable side effect, when it's taken to often. I had a woman e-mail that needed help. She was taking one imitrex a day, plus pain pills. She said her head hurt all of the time. Her husband was a pharmacist, and that explained how she received so much medicine. But the fact was, she was rebounding, and most likely not better unless she weaned off so much pain medicine.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped explain about Imitrex

Our next page is about migraine medications, and our last page covers migraine medicines. Home page from Imitrex Migraine. More info about triptans.

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