How to Prevent Migraines From Getting Out of Whack..


How to prevent migraines.

Preventing migraines can be from several methods. One is making an appointment with a headache specialist, and taking what they prescribe, or making it your goal to find out what migraines like and don't like. Obviously what they do like is preventing them and they'll certainly flair up when provoked.

About eighty five percent of sufferers that take preventive medicine find relief from their attacks. And most also have side effects from the medicines. People that do take preventives and make no effort to learn and apply what they learn, will surely have more migraine attacks than those that stay clear of what can trigger attacks.

How to prevent migraines.


Prevention is the key here. By keeping a migraine diary (print) then using it to pinpoint the attacks could result in a positive treatment plan. The cost can be zero but the results could be worth a fortune to you. Some ways to prevent migraines are avoiding:

Foods: Some food types to avoid are:

  • Anything that has caffeine in it. 
  • Msg found in processed foods. 
  • Several types of alcohol
  • Some fruits are known to cause or trigger migraines. 
  • Processed meats such as bacon, ham, sausage, and hot dogs. 
  • Also fresh yeast-risen baked goods. 

Who isn't guilty of indulging in some of these foods? It's thought that about 1/3 of all migraine headaches are from some type of foods


Preventing migraines can come from:

  • Reduce stress and learn how to relax more. Stress is a major cause of all types of headaches. 
  • Although there're hundreds of triggers that give attacks, one sufferer may not have many. This is where a diary is so important for keeping track of the attacks. 
  • Medication may have to be prescribed to prevent attacks. 

Keep in mind that many migraine sufferers just take pain relievers to fight the pain. This isn't a good way to prevent migraines because migraines don't like to be over medicated with pain medicine. If they are, within a short period of time the pain will be more often and intense. 

How to prevent migraines by supplements.

This approach is for migraine sufferers that either can't take prescribed medicines or would rather take more natural approaches toward headache relief from their migraines. Doctors recommend them and testimonials and studies show that these supplements for migraines provide relief. They are: 

  • Feverfew 
  • Butterbur 
  • Ginger 
  • 5_htp raises serotonin levels that headache sufferers seem to be low on.
  • Vitamins that have a positive effect on migraines are: B-2 and B-3
  • Magnesium is a mineral that many migraine sufferers have a deficiency in, and can cause the head to hurt.

More info when the link is clicked.

Some migraine supplements today have several herbs added together for headache relief. This way instead of taking one headache supplement individually, several are added.  For instance one is called MigreLief. 

Doctors around the country are recommending MigreLief a patented, non-prescription dietary supplement that treats the underlying nutritional deficiencies that clinical studies show may play a role in reducing migraine frequency and severity*. MigreLief is: Patented combination of Magnesium, Riboflavin, and Puracol Feverfew #1 Recommended Supplement by Leading Headache Clinics, Neurologists, and Doctors Used by Thousands of Migraine Sufferers over the last 5 years

One review for this product, and there're several more on the market today.

"My son had migraines every week to the point where he would lock himself away in a dark room and sleep. The medications prescribed by his doctor made him so sleepy he couldn't stay awake in class. Being a holistic person I looked for natural remedies so I tried MigreLief. It works! My son has migraines maybe once a month and he hasn't built a resistance to it. I highly recommend this for migraines."

Good reviews for this product.

We had a e-mail from a woman that said when she felt a headache starting, she took the vitamin niacin which is B-3, and it had worked for years for relieving her headaches. 

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped.

Our last page is on acupuncture, another way to relieve headaches, and our next page is about migraine-vertigo. Not only will prescription medicine help the severe dizziness, but herbs can also help. Home page from how to prevent migraines.

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