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Home remedies for migraines to avoid medication overuse.

Not all migraine sufferers can, or even want to take strong doctor prescribed medications for migraines. Episodic migraines may evolve into chronic migraines if pain medicine is used to often to abort migraines. What's out there that can help migraines?

Home remedies to help migraines have been used long before conventional medicine came on the market. For instance, migraines more often than not come with nausea and vomiting. Something as simple as nibbling on a few ginger cookies and sipping on a ginger ale may help nausea tremendously.

Changes in the diet can also reduce migraines in some sufferers. Failing to recognize foods or beverages as headache factors, because the consumption or the headaches may be delayed affect many.

Home remedies for migraines are but not limited to:

  • Hot or cold water bag placed on the head
  • Tie something around the head such as a bandanna if no head band is available. 
  • Don't dehydrate, this is a migraine trigger, drink plenty of water 
  • Lie in a dark quite room 
  • Don't consume caffeine because to much can cause headaches, but if you don't consume it and feel a migraine starting, drink a beverage that has caffeine.

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These next home remedies for migraines should be taken on a daily bases for preventing migraines. Headache specialist are now letting their patients know about these and recommending them. We also have more detailed pages on them.

The next home remedies that work are:

  • Ginger for nausea and vomiting 
  • Magnesium which is an important mineral found in our bodies 
  • The vitamin B2 or Riboflavin believed to help headaches 
  • Niacin also is thought to help headaches 
  • The two herbs feverfew and butterbur fight inflammation and pain and have been used for hundreds of years for migraines and headaches.

A few more old, old home remedies for migraines are:

  • Drink fresh carrot juice 
  • Drink hot green tea with jasmine 
  • Massage the forehead to the base of the skull 
  • Inhale vapors of a mixture of one tablespoon camphor, and one tablespoon of spirits of ammonia.

Soak the feet up to the ankles in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes. This brings blood down to the feet, thus reducing the pressure on the head. Also if you're anemic, and the forehead becomes cold tie a hanky around the forehead and drink a small cup of strong black coffee.

Several migraine prevention tips:

  • Try to get enough sleep. Keep sleep patterns the same.
  • Try to relax and find a hobby, if you have none.
  • Treat yourself to a massage if possible, and take a few minutes to meditate each day.

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The herbs and vitamins will have to be taken several months to achieve their full effect. The others can be applied for migraine relief instantly in attacks. Info on them can be found on the pages that have links. Let us know what you use as your migraine remedy below in the comment box. We would appreciate it.

Our next page is about herbs for migraines, and our last page covered herbal migraine relief. Home page from home remedies for migraines. Web site on natural migraine cures.

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