Herbs for Migraines With Natural Approaches..

Feverfew Plant

Herbs for migraines have shown their ability to help with migraine relief.

 Herbal remedies for migraines have much less side effects than conventional migraine treatments that involve acute, and preventive measures. If you've taken conventional medicines you can contest to that. When it comes to migraines,  all medicines to relieve them have more than their share of these unwanted side effects.

Herbs have been used since ancient times for migraine relief. Several are recommeded by doctors that now know their ability to give relief from the pain and unwanted symptoms that go with the migraine attacks.

Surveys taken revile these results for prescribed medicines.

In a recent national survey, it was found that 20 percent of migraine sufferers that suffer with headaches that occur often, take dangerous, potentially addictive medicines that contain barbiturates, and opioids that haven't even been FDA approved for relief of their headaches. One reason for the continual pain of conventional medicines, is much of the pain medicine given has a tendency to make migraines and headaches worse.

It doesn't take long for the overuse of pain medicine to give rebound headaches that can evolve into chronic daily headaches

Herbs for migraines that work.

Butterbur Plant
  • Feverfew reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines.
  • Butterbur is also used for a marked decrease in the severity, and frequency of migraines. The extracts from this scrub have an analgesic, anti inflammatory, and anti seizure action. Recent studies have supported this. 
  • Ginger is used to reduce nausea and vomiting, and also an anti inflammatory agent
  • Evening primrose oil helps dilate blood vessels, and reduces inflammation.
  • Valerian is used as a sleep aid, helps with headache, anxiety, and insomnia without side effects. 
  • In herbs for migraines Willow is a potent analgesic. Clinical studies, and laboratory test show Willow is known for its headache fighting properties. 

Herbs to fight menstrual migraines

Each month millions of women have hormonal migraines. Other than prescribed medicines, herbs for menstrual migraines are:

  • Feverfew is used for menstrual migraines also, and is said to help up toward 70% of migraine sufferers. 
  • Black Cohosh also has hormonal properties, and used for centuries to relieve PMS related pain and discomfort. 
  • The Dandelion Root and leaf reduces water retention premenstrual. 
  • Ginger helps with sickness, and nausea. 
  • Cayenne is possibly related to helping menstrual migraines. 
  • Dong Quai treats menstrual disorders, and cramps. 

 Keep in mind that herbs for migraines not only helps headaches, but each one of these herbs has more properties they are helpful for. Let the doctor know what you're planing on taking if other prescribed medicines are also consumed.

We think that a daily regime of herbs, vitamins, and a daily supplement of magnesium will work for migraine relief as well as preventive medicine for some people. Migraines are often triggered by something that can be controlled, such as foods or stress reduction. The key to headaches is education about them, taking care of yourself, and supplements that have been used for centuries for relief.

Thanks for reading, we hope this gave you info you needed.

Our last page is about more ways to find migrane relief. Don't miss our next page on excedrine migrane. This OTC will work for occasional mild migraines. Not to be taken often for migraine pain. Home page from herbs for migraines.

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